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I am literally having a GREAT day! You know one of those days where the sun seems a little bit brighter and your smiles makes the tiny creases around your eyes curl up. Those days where a good song has put you in a great mood and your body is filled with a rush of *happy-joy-joy.* Today…I am having one of those days and doesn’t it feel WUNNAFUL. Hurrah. (If I could shoot confetti blasts out of my nipples..I would right now.)

Now, I have no particular reason to be feeling so great, because I’ve been up ALL night with Junior who seems to be ill again? I don’t know? Everyone keeps telling me it’s teething. But teething seems to get the blame for everything with my baby boy. He’ll probably try and use that as an excuse when he’s older and he’s run his car into a gate..’Mum..I was teething.’ Or after a rubbish school report. ‘It was my teeth.’

But he still woke up beaming and I still held it together with giggles. Giggles are good because they hide a mask of ‘knackered mum’ fury. Lol. In my mind, the children need never know that your on your last legs. *Beam* at them…they *beam* back. Once they leave the building, then you can start pounding your head against brick walls. šŸ™‚

However, no…the rest of my day after a nursery drop off has turned out magnificent. I think it’s because I heard GOOD NEWS, as my first thing. A being I adore, has found out she’s pregnant…and well it’s just a wonderful thing to see and hear…when your heart if filled with love for them. Made me happy. Perked me up. Then I enjoyed the sunshine during my drive…ran happy errands, missed my babies (Ruby was on a ‘stay over’ at Pete’s last night and i’m rubbish when it comes to the babies ‘staying over,’ I get really upset because I miss them so much. Haha. Tragical, I know. But I do. Luckily this time, I didn’t snotty cry, instead i didn’t sleep, so it was okay that Junior decided to ‘moan’ all night. šŸ™‚ Ā I stayed awake with worry…and I didn’t even need to be worried. She’s quite an independent girl is Ruby and she gets that from me. But being the soppy mum that I am…when one member of the family wanders off elsewhere and you’re a close family, it feels like there’s a piece missing to the jigsaw that makes you whole…that makes us ‘Wunna Land.’ It’s awful. I’m rubbish at it. Yet it’s all out of love. I looked at her empty bed this morning and it sucked. The good thing is that she was happy.)

Then, like The Gods of Utter Luck, adore me or something, i saw TWO magpies! Yipppeee! One for sorrow, TWO FOR JOY. Oh yeah, baby!Which was THEN FOLLOWED UP BY A GREAT WORK PHONE CALL! What?? Everything is ACE today! And a massive inner smile from my soul radiated from me and swirled through the world. Everything is going so well and i feel really have no clue why? This year as been a curve ball, but a great way to learn fast. I must of graduated with flying colours or something, as now it’s all fanfares and opportunity. I guess, if you keep your head high and your hope quiet dandy, good stuff happens. Be warm of heart and even better stuff happens. Go for it..and then you nail it into the ball park with a WAHOOOOOO! I should probably buy a lottery ticket today…i’m sure i’ll win millions.

I saw a chick in the grocery store who was upset because she 5 month old was having to go to the minder for the first time on Monday, due to her need to work. It’s awful isn’t it, when you become a Mum, because these days, you NEED to work, have worked, come from money…or marry well. šŸ™‚ Back in the day the woman’s role was to simply nurture and care for the children and look after the home. I mean we’re lucky that these days we are able to have our independence and be able to work…in heels…with a voice šŸ™‚ …yet isn’t it funny how, even to this day, most mums I know, be they new mums or old mums…LONG to be ‘stay at home’ mums and it has nothing to do with being lazy or not being arsed to make money, as we all do it..we all go out there and work when we can. It’s always because of our love for the children. I mean, you should’ve seen this girl’s face..she had tears in her eyes just telling me the story..a very normal story at that..and by the bargain fruit. I mean, she saw me as being in a different boat ( i enjoy making money, i do, i do..I’m quite masculine when it comes to that) yet, one of the main reasons for me wanting to create my new eyelash line (other than it being a goal of mine for ages) was because I could STAY AT HOME and do it. Create a massive brand that they could be heirs to, yet do it with them right by my side. Have the best of both worlds. Meaning that I would have the freedom to control my OWN hours, life and schedule. Instead of having to work around others. And not really sacrifice anything, as I’d have my ‘dream come true’ job…with family in balance.

Watched that ‘Catfish’ show last night. Interesting. I mean, I understand why the folk pretended to be someone else online, in order to woo a hottie. Their own insecurities of their outward appearance got the better of them. Yet it’s wrong…and it also shows how we as people ARE quite superficial when it comes down to it, as the victims, who have had their heart broken by ‘online love’ …no longer love the person that they’ve made a connection with because they’re not hot. Lol. Attraction matters. And I get that it must feel rubbish falling for someone you’ve never met…..online. Yet it’s hard for me to comprehend, as I’d just never do that. It’s scary enough doing love face to face, let alone doing love on a computer screen. I think that in relationships there needs to be balance…someone who is hot, yet loving, strong, but fun, intelligent, warm, loyal, yet is not a force to reckoned with…y’know…all of the above and more is what we need. In other words a good BALANCE. That’s what I am. All my friends say it. šŸ™‚ There are lots of sides to me and that’s what makes me a ‘Va Voomy. šŸ˜‰

I might be feisty..but i’m not just ‘feist…feist…feist’ with no love. I’m LOVING toooo, which is drizzled with glamour, Mummyhood, loyalty, success and fun. Oh yeah..and sex appeal. That helps.

The good people will focus on my great points and the negative people are the ones who focus on my bad points. Y’see the successful people in life are the ones that only see ‘positive’ and even when they ‘hit’ the bean bag of negatory, bound back up right away with hope. The fighters. That’s why life is good to them.

So yeah, like i said before, I now completely get why people frequently ask me if I am a real person. I assure you that I am a real person and that, unfortunately for you, šŸ™‚ there is a real life Chrissie Wunna, floating around this world and it IS ME. šŸ™‚ I never got it before…but after that show…Lord knows what you must have been through, poor sods…hahaha. I get it.

(Eww..my coffee is too strong today, tastes awful.)

Just haviing Twitter banter with @MrJazzRocket We once got police escorted out of a castle together at 5 am, when I lived in London. Hilarious memory. We had to take a bus home full of pervs. HAHAH. It was like God had plucked all the pervs in the world and plonked them on this bus. Probably why we ended up on it actually, now I think about it! HAHAH.

I can’t believe how naughty I was as a 20 something. I was going to say ‘child,’ but I was a surprisingly good child…just a naughty teen and 20 something. But i’m aware that karma’s gonna hit me big time as Ruby grows up…i’m keeping my fingers crossed and peeking out of my squeezed tight eyes.

Just got a weird inbox in…don’t you find it bizarre when boys say this, ‘I’m not a boy, i’m a MAN.’ Weird? Girls, chick, woman…same old thing, once you reach a certain age bracket. Why do men get so defensive about it?

Anyway, hope you’re having an ace day tooo.

Mine is glorious.

Chrissie x





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