Oh so happy

So i’m gleefully happy, all giggles and charm, had a magnificent day and having an even more lovely summer evening! I feel all ‘Oh la laaa, Monsieur’ and currently i’m sipping on a glass of chilled water, and listening to the ‘Pussycat dolls,’ (….the lights suddenly black out, the disco balls arise, and cleverly arranged stripper poles gracefully dance downward from the ceiling, with the most beautiful ‘hoes’ known to mankind attached.) I should totally direct porn in my next life. Really, i’m just sitting in my english country garden, watching those bunnies hump again. They love it! They’re related! Soooo Utah!

Builders on the street recognised me today, so i think i’m all ACE and everything. And i am! You know you’re top bleedinf totty when builders, driving trucks ( i think they were builders??? They had those neon yellow waistcoat things on, and dirty faces, and ladders in the back,) see you tottering down a street, pull over and want to have a nice little chat with you, after taking pictures with their broken cement covered cell phones, because they saw me in ‘Zoo’ last week!! They asked if it was me, i said ‘yes,’ and blew kisses, it gave me a really big head, and only because they actually knew my NAME!!! I wasn’t ‘Babe’ or ‘Oi’ or ‘Chest’ or just a howl sound. NO…today i was ‘Hey are you Chrissie Wunna???’ Yay!! We have Victory. No-one in England has even managed to get the NAME out, before the ‘(Howl,) Nice tits!’ So i’m happy, and feel all bouncy and girlie. It’s sickening but ROCKS!!! They expected to be a lot meaner in person. I’m not mean, i’m HILARIOUS…infact i’m only mean to ‘Latin Lover’ the rest of you i adore!! I do!

So i’m about to grab some dinner, drink more sparkling water (laid off the booze..which means i’ll be a lightweight the next time i go out and get blotto, so it will be easier for you to introduce me to your sheets!! Miaow!!) I’m getting ready to watch Big Brother, which has now turned into the ‘Rex and his moany girlfriend’ show. I’ve been out and about all day. My dads doing much better. My tan is doing even better…lol. And i have the biggest smile on my face!! Life is grand! Enjoy it fellas!!

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  1. im pleased u are happy treacle fuck big brother off napolean dnamitght is on film four and it is funy as fuck. i hope u smash the daily star thing chrissie and keep oin enjoying thr bunnies poleing babe


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