Oh please do stop….

Okay, so i’m back in London. We know this and already everything is going hidieously wrong. When i left…everyone was all ‘happy happy-joy joy’ when i came back from my delicious northern adventure, (where i spent time with my loved ones) everyone had changed and were distinctly miserable and broken. I like fun, laughter, love and cuddles, therefore broken and half full is always a downer for me. I don’t like to be around it and it just seemed like, i was surrounded my a crowd of frowning faces of despair. Even the ones that seemed happy weren’t. They were just drunk. Therefore, i’m deciding to take a time out and spend some time alone. At times you have to protect yourself from the sadness of the world with a Glamour Pussy force field of blockage. I can only do this by not being around it.

As loads of you know already (oh and thankyou soooo much for all my messages…i love you very much) Last night, i got thrown out of G-A-Y late for apparently being a giant homophobe..which everyone finds hilarious becaus

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