Oh Hellooo Cupid…


…so, there’s this boy. I mean, i don’t even really know how to describe him to you, other than the fact that he fits the mould of ‘pretty boy,’ he’s probably highly misjudged, he’s had his fun in life, good times, bad times, women…just life. He’s worldy. Independant. Expressive. Infact, maybe even a little bit of everything in one. He’s passionate. He’s fiery. He’s impulsive, yet  sexy. He dances like a player, yet behind closed doors is loving, romantic and weirdly all at the same time as knowing the role of a gent and how to ‘woo’ a lady.

Let me take you back to Wednesday night. Last night. Due to a rather free schedule and the need a for a little adoration. (I’m on my period right now, meaning i’m deliciously hormonal. If there’s a mood to swing on. I’m on it and Tarzan-ing that shit, like a hero on angry pimp juice.) I needed to be cheered up. Obviously other parts of life a rather soiled right now. I remember having one of those ‘everyone’s doing better than me’ days yesterday, where you sigh, feel fat, file your nails at your work desk, refuse to spill the beans to the Mail of sunday and then stalk your exes to see if they’re doing better than you in life. I’ve always been one to claim that success is the sweetest revenge. I’ve managed to perform this quite marvellously. However, yesterday and because of my period, i wallowed in self pity and did it quite glamourously.

This boy…(i don’t even know that to name him?) saw me with my *bimbo* sad, already had strong feelings for what he calls ‘Wunna’ and decided it was life duty to make me smile. (I already like this behaviour. You know a man is a man, when he cares about the well being of a  girl…his girl… more that he does himself. If you’ve ever dated me. You will know that i’m utterly generous and selfless. Yet always taken advantage of my lesser male beings. For once…and i do mean once, apart from one time in LA where a gent named Jake tried to make me feel special. This boy…as  handsome as he is (and he’s delicious) proved that he was not only a pretty face with a body that could *growl* at you…but also a decent human being. One that will whisk a lady off her feet, (Yeah i am talking about me) in order to make her smile.

From that moment of him finding me glum. He kissed my cheek. Zoomed off into the distance, like a hero on heat. Told me that i was to be free after work…go home..get dressed and to meet  him at a restuarant for 8.15pm. I did just that. Know that i’ve never used to being TOLD what to do by a man before. I’m the ‘teller.’ However it was weirdly lovely to have a man be a man and take control. This boy, knows how to treat a girl, ‘woo’ her correctly and he goes AALLLLL out.

I get to the restuarant. He’s waiting in the car. It’s dark. It’s cold, but street lit. He runs to open my car door, in order to greet me. We walk hand in hand into the restuarant and apologise for being late. He had pre-booked. I like that. I get walked to a gorgeous table. Like a little special one in the corner. I’m sitting, all chipper,expecting nothing but the most beautiful meal, with a handsome gent…and out of nowhere (as i’ve settled and we’re giggling over the menu and i’m making him pick my food) OUT OF NOWHERE,  a waiter proudly strolls out towards our table. (I haven’t really even noticed at this point) and in his hands is the most exotically, beautiful arrangement of flowers, all giant and colourful, all Princess-like and personally chosen by the ‘handsome’ just for ME! I mean, OMG…how ROMANTIC. How beautiful. It’s a looong time since i’ve had that treatment. I mean Pete has never ever done anything like that for me EVER. Infact, I’D PAY for our dates and he’d complain if he didn’t get what he wanted. Lol.

Therefore before the lovely dinner even began…i was gifted with a surprise! I felt like the luckiest little Glamour Puss EVER. It’s like something out of a story book. I adore grand displays of affection and it’s just nice to know, that there’s men out there who (when they love) know how to do it properly. This guy is gorgeous. He certainly is blessed with a colourful past of ‘player-player.’ Yet even so, he still managed to *pause* at The Wunna and do the best he could to impress. Infact i like him because, he’s MADE THE EFFORT to impress..without me having to tell him. Even though i did tell him he had to a little bit. 😉

He spotted me in a gym. The first thing he said to me was ‘Oh my God..you’re beautiful.’ Yet he said it like he couldn’t believe it? Almost under his breath. Weeks later our paths accidentally cross and he finds himself trying to ‘make me his’ and doing it grandly. He’s not thick, when it comes to ‘wooing’ the ladies. He knows what i like, what type of girl i am and how to splash out.

We enjoyed dinner together. Filled with giggles, life, banter and flirty moments. It was yummy. Afterward, he then treated me to a cozy drink at The Castle, snuggled up infront of a fire place. (We both are fire signs and LOVE to watch fire.) We shared wine, talked about the future. Talked about each other and life and love and our past. The good thing about this boy and I, is that we have a strong friendship. We know the same people. We’re infact ridiculously similar.

The rest of the night is secret..but was magical…

This is just what i needed right now. Cupid to view me a little faith and tell me that everything is going to be okay. Now i think about it…this boy is pretty much the male version OF ME!!! We are completely the same. We even joke about it. Two misjudged people, who the good Lord has shoved together for some reason or another, for a bit of ‘path crossing.’ We’re both loving every single moment of it. We’re both fiesty, expressive, fun and generous. But there’s a side to both of us that no-one sees…but us. We’re playful. We’re commitment phobe. One of those things that will go really well, or really badly. All i know from life is that everything really does happen for a reason and that people are quite usually placed in each others lives to learn lessons. *scary.*

Here we go again…

(Today i paraded my flowers around the entire office like i was a pathetic version of Miss.World. I’m quite boasty at the best of times…let alone with ‘boy flowers.’ 🙂 ) I LOVE BEING Chrissie Wunna. *Wiggle-wink-Pout*

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