Oh hello curse..Nice to Meet you. :)

‘Go on…what happened then (oh & btw, i’m head to toe in Armani, being shot at with a water pistol, so make it quick,’ said the ever loving Gay Adam, to the ‘just got kicked out’ Glamour Puss armed with a Bank bag and pouty baby in bows. (Just so you know, all this was doen via Blackberry. I mean, we don’t do sympathy face to face, EVER. Why would you?)

‘I’ve been kicked out,‘ giggled the little kitty named Chrissie, amused by the fact that she had already gotten her 8 week old googly eyed baby thrown out of a home and a family. The home being Pete’s. The family being MY OWN. (Even my Mum and I had a laugh at it all, as i changed Ruby’s pooey nappy and played with her in the Garden around apple trees. ‘Oh Chrissie…I love you.’)

‘Well have you split up yet. Coz I want you back in London innit.’

‘Yeah we have…..lol.’

And just like that I tottered along, peeking behind me, leaving my magical history, however this time taking a bundle of baby with me. The weird thing about it all, as I was driven away from Loverboy this morning from his Castle Grove appt, is that not one single bit of Me feels bad? I said this to my Mum and we pushed Ruby through Debenhams, all bimbo, in baby pink and puzzled. The weird thing is, when I fly ‘solo’ (yeah i have the baby, but she’s part of the Wunna clan’) I feel at my Kitty cat strongest!!

I honestly feel like a burden has been lifted. I feel free, strong, pussycat like and ready to take on the world with wiggles, giggles and that good old Wunna faith that keeps it all glitzy.

We’ve shopped all day, as retail therapy is the ONLY way to sort out your head. The art of being around beautiful things that could be yours with a *swipe*…really can make you feel the world of good. We’ve had an amazing day of my first day as a single mum and it’s actually kinda lovely. (Pete cried all morning. However, i’m not at all bothered,. Don’t kick the apparent ‘love of your life’ out with your baby in an attempt to look macho, when you don’t mean it and then try to control her blog…her life. I’m way stronger than he thought and well now he’s either faking that he’s all dandy around his family, or shitting himself.)

I’m at MY home, (lucky that I have that 😉 ) in the living room, with my Mummy rocking Rubes to sleep in lemon and pink, after her eventful day of shopping, pooing her bappy, working bows and looking hip/hop under apple trees. I think my mums really disappointed in Pete, due to him not apologizing, or trying to make an effort to bond his ‘what should be his family’ together or even attempting to be impressive. ( I mean one of exes, who was hidieous, even turned up at her house with flowers. God, i feel like Lydia and Arg from TOWIE! Yet Mr.Darcy…is a human, who trumps in polka dots.)

Instead of focusing on the bad, which isn the fact that Pete has now lost everything, due to him being a prick. I’m looking at what i have around me and all i can see is love, glitter and magic. I’m back to being Me and i’ve had the most wonderful day with my Ruby. We’ve purchased everything and i’ve laid on lawns with her looking up at the sky. I’m teaching her the world and well what you should’ve learnt is to follow your dreams and now matter how much a being tries to threaten you with Ultimatums, KNOW that your passion is far more important that their threat.

As if Pete can tell me that if i write a blog about his family, i’m getting thrown out. I wrote it. I left. Like the Pussycat dolls said, He needs to be careful what he wishes for. I now don’t have anything to do with him or his family. (I mean his sister left me a Voicemail today when i was at a coffee shop asking me to call her. I simply deleted it and not because i’m filled with anger or hatred. I’m actually the exact opposite. Yet because the apology didn’t come from Peter.) I’m done. You always know your are quite finished when you can finally ignore a call, and change your status on Facebook. 🙂

Anyway, i’m gonna get ready, as I think i’m getting treated to a dinner tonight to celebrate the end to the drama. (This is why breakups are ace, because everyone molly-coddles around you and buys you booze and dinners. It’s like being a Virgin. But a virgin…with a baby?)

You’re all not gonna get this little joke of ‘ooh laa’ yet like all the girls at my day job say, it’s the curse of Xercise4less! 🙂

Work in that place and you’ll soon be hot, single and delicious. 😉 What i’ve noticed is that being a single mum is fine, if you have money. That’s really ALL it boils down to. I was MADE for this!!

My story goes on….

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  1. Oh Christina, I am really sorry to read about this. I thought Pete might really work out. (Of course I thought the same thing about Boyband Jonny!)


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