Off to Lil’Waynes Innit…

Omg! I’m in a rush, as at 6pm i’m meant to be going on this date, with a ‘handsome’ that i kinda just met 2 hours ago. He doesn’t waste any time…i like that. And well not only is he far too hot, but he has a ‘funny’ bone (oh-er) to match. I like him. We shall drink and see what happens. Purr…

Okay, today has been crazy busy. I’ve been whistled and hooted at by every being who works construction imaginable. I enjoy it…really i do, as it reminds me of ‘old school’ glamour, y’know, like when the  old time air hostess’ parade through an airport, with all the gentleman going doo lally over them. It was all going too well, until i met an awkard boy, who decided to wink at me, and put a giant breadstick he had purchased into between his crotch, whilst licking his lips. Other than that, i walked down the street…well paraded and got cheered on my gentleman from all walks of life. It really does amke life better! Then i found  ‘Campbell’ a boy who loved the i posed n pouted and kissed him on his merry way. (FUCK  i’m late!!) Oh and i got free stuff in shops! COME ON!! Woohoo! I am officially rock n rollio! I know….please whip me with glory sticks.

I have sooo much to tell you, but it will have to wait. Tonight i’m being wild, fun exotic and out spoken and i’m going to Lil’ Wayne’s party tonight. You’ve probably all heard of it, and going anyway. Everyone i know is, therefore maybe i’ll see you there!! Have a great evening lovers!

Chrissie xxx (I’m LATE!!!!)

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