Off To Dinner


Quick piccy before i go venture off to dine with friends.  It was taken at the Novotel in Hammersmith a few weeks ago. I have many memories in that room.

I’ve just had this amazing conversation with this beautiful lady named ‘Jillian’ (she was all warm and loving…like a proper lady should be) and she re-taught me that ‘ACTIONs’ always always speak a great deal louder than ‘WORDs.’ I knew this anyway, but on ocassion i tend to forget.

I’m a fire sign, therefore i’ve always been a Doer…an action girl. People never have to worry if i’m around as i’m a sorter, the first stepper, the pusher. Yet it seems that in order to see peoples true intentions it’s important for me to ‘not do’ or listen to words, yet WATCH to see if any promising ACTION is made. Which is difficult for me. But I’m feeling good right now. I’m loving myself and i hope you are too.

Love everyone you can. Love everything you can. Try to show it, express it ….and it will always love you back & if it doesn’t then it’s rubbish. (lol) x

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