Obssesion is BAD

Just thought i’d quickly finish off my story..as it’s all bad from here on out. I basically started stalking Jason, by turning up at ‘Mexicali’ everytime he was working, drinking pitchers of blended margarita’s through muIti-coloured straws (WHOLE pitchers), and sexually harassing him, as he worked. As the tequila went down, the needier i got, and lets say the more entertaining i became. I was making a name for myself, with all the employees, as ‘the girl that was HOT, until we found out she fancied Jason, and started to be a drunk needy nuisance, all the time.’ (I believe it makes you 100 times less hot!!) I think they gave me free booze, just to see what would happen? I was basically a freak show. It was deliciously TRAGIC!!

Jason was actually a good guy, so always laughed along, cleared up my mess, and took it all in his stride. I was young, foolish, and mending from a divorce, so when he had given me a stern ‘NO, i can’t be with you. I actually just met someone else, and can’t cheat on her,’ speech, i chased him out of the restuarant, (he was leaving work), and whilst he started his engine, i managed to jump onto his car, attach myself to it, and quite loudly begged him to reconsider. We we’re in fits of laughter, proper chuckley fits, but it’s actually super sad because i was sooooo wasted. It was at the point where he was considering calling Security. So i left, stumbled back to my car, and after puking chunks of God knows what, all over the insides of my vehicle. I passed out (it was the middle of the day) in my own sick, (my face was embedded in a pile of vomit around my gear stick) and woke up hours afterward, to the sound of someone peering into my car and saying, ‘is she dead??’

Never again, did i get obssesed over a boy. Well i did, but i was way smarter the next times round. (hahahaha) You’ve just got to live it!

3 thoughts on “Obssesion is BAD”

  1. I like this story 🙂

    Its amazing how many stories I can think of where you end puking up and passing out! I thought you only did that when you drank with me 🙂

  2. I don’t know why i’m stupid enough to share the ‘puke up, pass out’ stories with the masses. It’s shamefully great.
    I’m gonna start telling more.
    EVERY girl pukes and passes out when they drink with you. It must be your MOJO.


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