Nuns, Filming & Wine Vibes

Only I could be sat next to nuns on the train back to Yorkshire from Manchester. Lol. AND I don’t mean sat NEAR BY…I mean sat WITH! 

I didn’t have a seat. There was a table with four seats…on the train. Three nuns were sat around it…merrily…There was one seat spare…

…so there I was.

(I don’t know why I’m saying ‘there I WAS!!’ 

I’m writing this on my phone right now, as they’re chatting! It’s live. It’s real! It’s happening!!! )


…sat on a table with nuns, who are talking about the ‘Bethlehem Fund?’ I’m not sure what that is? But it definitely doesn’t sound like a bar? I can’t tell if I’m living ‘Sister Act,’ the traditional nativity or an MTV prank show.

I’m trying not to make eye contact and I don’t know why because they’re actually so sweet? I’m smiling. I am. Yet quietly. Lol. I want to take a picture, but I daren’t! 

I’ve had a hard but enjoyable day of filming…I need 97 train wines & I can’t have an ‘after work- dripped in wine’ train party…because THERE’S NUNS!!! German ones!!!!

Now they’re talking about ‘stone walls…’ (I adore their absolute excitement & almost sweet naivety.) I don’t find stone walls a blast. I think they’re shit. So I enjoy that they can find such joy, in something so simple. 

If I’m being honest, they’re ruining everything. I need to learn my lines for next week’s short film. I play Amy.’ She’s a prostitute. I can’t ‘learn to be a prostitute,’ whilst I’m sat at a table of nuns!!!!


Anyway, let’s let life go on…filming was great today!! It was fun! Today it was ‘Chrissie & Stephen.’ He was great. Really talented. He definitely nuzzled in my breasts, mid fake-cry and had a hilarious solution for literally everything! It didn’t matter if there was a shadow on the wall, a dodgy mid-shot, or someone had a ‘bout of gonorrhoea…Stephen knew the answer. Haha. BUT he didn’t know where the dryer or paper towels were in the ‘ever so modern’ toilets??  Lol 

He’s so much fun! Great talent! I hope I work with him again! 

So yeah, Manchester, you’ve been a delight, but I’m glad to be Yorkshire bound. I’m shattered…

In 5 days I turn 39!!! I’m basically a granny…with tits. I’m not sure how well I’m handling turning 39. It was the same with 29! I was fine turning 30, but 29 fucked me over. Lol. A decade later…shit hasn’t changed. 

I’m tinkering along and I’m doing alright. I’m busy! I’m having a blast. I’m living it. I’m loving it. I’m acting. I’m happy! 

I work tomorrow. Then I have Monday off, to get ready to smash out the next film…It starts on Dec 16th & wraps on my birthday. 

Then I can chill for Christmas. (I can’t tell if I need more than ONE day off, to rest up and prepare for my ‘Amy’ role…or if I’ll ‘Ka-pow’ it out, because I’m so excited!! I love working with the Northern Film School!!! Y’know, It’s not even my next thing to film! Like I said, I work tomorrow! It only gives me an evening and a day to get ‘Amy the Prostitute’ sorted!) 


I missed class at YAFTA today because I’m booked out on work. I’m kinda working so much, which I’m grateful for, yet…we need 80% attendance!!! I’m not sure how I’m gonna manage to ‘hit’ an 80%? I’m already booking into April next year due to features…? 

But whatever…I’ll wing it. I’m just finding problems for no reason because I need wine and can’t have wine, due to nuns. Plus, I always think that after a great day of work or an achievement, you NEED to celebrate, to pat yourself on the back. Y’know, so the cycle is complete….and closure has occurred. 

Right! It’s my stop….

Chat later…

All my love,


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