Now for more Cider…


I’m at home alone, as my darling wink of ‘ouchy-love’ Ruby has decided to conk out on the sofa, making our slumber party for two mildy pointless, whilst step in ‘Daddy-Keiran’ (my handsome bit of totty) has tottered ( i mean, man walked) off and away into Wakefield somewhere to drink the sorrows of another  away…for fun…with ‘da boys.’

I’m here, in my rubbish leopard print comfies and with Peter Andre on my telly-o, sat on my cream carpert, by a ball pool and a Hello Kitten kitchen, missing calls from Gay Adam with a cider. (I’m not a cider drinker. It always makes me think of minimum wage teens and garages. 🙂 ) You’d think i’d be more useful in my hour of freedom? However due to actually missing my male counter part, (i know, i’ve turned into this tragic, not very ‘ooh laa’…loser of love bunny. 🙂 ) I’ve made the accidental decision to book a hotel room for us..on Friday night, an executive suite and for a bit of ‘bubble’ love. I haven’t really asked him if it’s all fine and dandy yet? But whatever, boredom and love got the better of me. Why not do a night at the Park Plaza? Makes jolly good sense to me. *Wiggle-wink-pout* (Now loving the cider.)

Okay, last night Handsome Keiran and I gallopped on over to The Castle, a delicious venue of fireplace ‘ohh laa’ with a Disarno on the rocks and a mighty bit of Wunna clevage, in lilac. I made the effort to look quite Glamour Pussy…and well when i do…my ‘handsome’ turns rather protective, yet romantic all at the same time. I’ve heard it’s quite hard bein gmy arm candy. I’m not sure why? But i’m quite sure i’m worth it. 🙂 *Hair-toss.* Keiran’s the most romantic man at the best of times..and he makes me feel soo grateful to have love, be in love, love another and well he really put my faith in love, back in men. I’ve had men. We know this. I’ve been terribly slaggy in my time…and well i often blame it on Hollywood and the fact that the number of boys quite willing to be my ‘forever’ seemed never ending. was my loneliest hour. The time i felt the most ‘eww.’ I’ve even grossed myself out. But yeah i disguised it well with a strutt and a bit of glitter, a wiggle and that good old Wunna charm. However now i’m all grown up. I’m a family. I’m in love and i have not only the most wonderful little bit of girlie, who giggles after trumping in bows with a rice cake, but also the most AMAZING man..who too has a not very clean bedroom past.

I believe that we’re simply the same. I’ve met my match…and i’ve never felt happier. When you feel this happy, you can conquer the world. I love him because he keeps our love ‘fairytale.’ It’s champagne, flowers for no reason, fun laughter and cuddles. A friendship. A love. It’s open, honest and raw. He doesn’t treat me like an ‘option.’ He treats me like a priority. Women need that. Infact women AND men often let themselves be an ‘option.’ I’ve been there and it’s never sexy or worth a free wine. Girls always want to win the affection of a gent. Men concentrate more on bonking the city, rather than finding the girl in the city that is actually worth waking up to! Once you give up the game. You graduate. Once you graduate. You’re worthwhile. Once you’re worthwhile…you’ll meet The Wunna. If you’re lucky…she’ll want you forever. I want him forever. I’ve never wanted anything forever that didn’t really go without saying. [Gin here]

I mean, i hear stories about Keiran and his jolly old history all the time. Yet i understand him and what makes him tick. He’s a love bunny, trying to do the best he can in life and make the most of everything he cares about. To me, he is AMAZING. This matter what anyone says..we’re doing it RIGHT. I love him madly. I never want it to end. Why? Well because our love is alive. It’s a fairytale. I don’t know whether he’s trying to ‘make it right?’ Or whether he at heart just wants to be loved. I’m glad we’ve hung up our gloves. We’re a delicious couple, when we’re lovely to one another.

After drinks, we did what we do best..which is invite people. I like inviting people. I just don’t enjoy noisy random people, who totter in and ramble. (Even though i am a random tottering rambler.) Our friends of choice were ‘Turner in the background’ and his lovely girly Adeline. (They want a rug.)

We enjoyed their company and treated them to  the yummiest dinner, talked about the future, love, life and in the warmest orange-pink lighting of mood. Keiran and I are quite ‘treaty.’ Him more than i. However, i’m feeling quite generous these days. It must be a phase, therefore if you do see me…asks for’ll probably get them…after rum. But yeah, we love to make people feel special. We love to show people a good time!! Treated them to dinner, drinks and brought to the table champers was lovely. It felt goodie. The kinda warm fuzzy goodie that you get from drinking too much Port. 🙂 I was sooo drunky. I mean at one point i had some random 50 year old ugly man, trying to hold my hand during my walk to my own Hubby hubbster?? I can’t WAIT until Keiran’s a big fat old, Port drinking man of cuddle. I’m dead excited for it. I don’t even know why that would turn me on? (Helloo…issues?) But it sure as hell does. I LOVE feeding him. Lol. (I’ll stop being fucking weird now. 🙂 )

‘Turner in the background’ and Adeline are good eggs! People who are grateful for a bit of a treat and i love that. Then more drinking occurred, followed by a meet up of more friends, which ended up at a baby sized house party…and a moment where Keiran and i attempted to concieve. (Winky-wink)

It went badly. 🙂

Now Keiran and i have a WUNNAFUL sex life. You won’t FIND a better bit of bedroom love. Yet i threw a barney. A mild one, because my gloves are hung up and i adore him. I’m nicer to people i adore. There i was naked..we both we’re and weirdly in someone elses spare bed, after i grabbed and walked my ‘handsome’ upstairs on demand to make baby love. All bad…infact still sexy..but bad. I was naked draped over everything., doing ‘ooh’ faces..with a willy sandwich, at every angle. Lol. However, still…no joy. 🙂

Okay…the point is that i didn’t realize that if you add booze and other magic to Mr.Thompson’s willy. It won’t work. 🙂 This threw me off. Yeah, i get Brewer droop and all that ‘no good to me’ drivel. But Keiran’s my trooper. We do ‘bony’ really well..all the time. Therefore I politely Glamour puss stropped. Then had 3 different people come into the room, whilst i was bundled under strangers sheets, in order to comfort my pretty self. Lol.#tragical. I don’t like advice when i’m naked and mainly because i’m cold.

Bless him. I was awful. He was lovely. But i forgave him under the stars of (ever so glamourous) Crigglestone and because he stood infront of me and told me how much he loved me and wanted to do ‘forever’ with me. I believe him. Fully. It’s a bizarre feeling being in love…it kinda makes me feel scared, when all i want is to feel safe….in nipple tassles and too much lip gloss. I think i’m beginning to feel a bit insecure? He looked at me the other day in bed and told me that he never wanted to wake up to another woman and that his ‘privates’ 🙂 would only be entering me for the rest of his entire existance. I adore that. It makes me feel like he’s worthwhile. Hence why he’ll be the man i marry.

We got home. I left him to his own devices, as i paddied upstairs. He came upstairs, with his heart a throbbing, all drunky and wanting to make up. We did…and he redeemed himself in the bedroom..twice over..quite mightily.I complained that my feet were cold.

Today i’ve been all loved up…even whilst sharing onion rings. We’ve spent the day with Rubes, loving it and living it. He’s amazing with my daughter.

Now for more cider… It’s one windy night in Pontefract tonight! Hope he calls.

(Below: When life got the better of Keiran. Note: Anytime you find a handsome that yummy, randomly asleep on your carpet by childrens toys, you’re doing well in life. 😉 I LOVE that he calls me his wife. )

Ps/ He just sent me a text reading ‘God I LOVE you 🙂 x’  Good timing.

I’m one happy kitty cat.

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