Nothing like a Bargain

Hello, my pretty treats of ‘hubba hubba.’ Well this morning, i arrived home looking like a troll…one of those ones by Russ, with a pink diamond in it’s belly button. I was woken up at some ridiculous hour (8.45am 🙂 ) and told to get ready, pronto if i needed a ride home. Now, if that sentence is mildy haunting from my delicious past of tragically, loser sin, i don’t know what is? Luckily, this time it was uttered to me by ‘Loverboy’ who didn’t want to go to work, in order to opt for cuddling his asian ‘honey bunny’ in bed, after she cried herself to sleep, due the utter pain that others have to go through in life. (That rape scene in ‘This is England ’86 is horrific, i get all emotional at the thought that some girls have to go through that and cry into my Cornetto….which is my current craving.)

I haven’t been able to blog over the last 3 days and simply because from

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