No time for McBoredom

I get bored really easily, but only when i have nothing to do and not when i’m all engines a go-go. I have to emphasize that, as i often come across people who are bored with EVERYTHING after 2 seconds of bliss, and they use it as an excuse, as to why they couldn’t get a job finished (‘i was bored with it,’) or why they can’t stay with a person, (‘I was bored with them.’) I’m not that person. You were’nt BORED, you we’re just rubbish. As long as my mind, body and ‘funny bone’  is being constantly exercised, i am all daffodils and dandiness. If they’re not, i guess i’m….thorougly bored? (haha) Ugh! This is already going badly. I should stick to the dirty humour. I’m like a fungating mass of nonsense. I’m trying to keep it clean before noon, and when i say ‘it’ i do mean  my ‘B’gina.’ All smiles!! My nail rhinestone, has just fucked up my laptop. It fell down the crack, betwen the ‘R’ and the ‘T’ and now i can’t press the letter ‘R’ down appropriately. God is punishing me!!

 Anywhow, luckily i’m not bored today, as i am being treated, to a massive shopping spree. Why??? Simply because my daughtering skills are GREATNESS!! The reason why you should be a good to your folks, is simply because they buy you stuff as a reward and not because they raised, educated and nurtured you. I mean, anyone can do that, right??? My one friend, well her mum keeled over and died when she was 2, then her dad left her for a vodka bottle. She’s now got purple hair, but other than that and of course a tad bit of sheer emotional disturbance, she’s doing just fine!!! She actually, might be dead now? I haven’t spoken to her in years.

I need to go, as i’m being beckoned by my Mother. Did i really just make fun of a girl who’s mother died??? I’m going to hell!!

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