No rest for the wicked

Omg….it is all GO in Wunnalnd right now. I have so much to tell you about love, life, work and play…step ball  changing, new Gay Goddesses and everything that makes you go ‘ooh,’ including hotties. I’ve made people happy, hate me and horny and all in a day. *Hair toss*

I’ve been up since 5am grooming, because i have a busy work day. I’m sorting out the cosmetics line, i’m in London today for a casting,  i’m back in Leeds tonighta, there’s fun, frolocks, wiggles..but right now…WORK. I have to keep up. But i love being Property of ‘HOT.’ It’s so sexy, it’s sick. Looong two days ahead of me. Is it too early to drink?

I have to go…but i haven’t forgotten about you…stay tuned..ACE blogs to come. I’ve had a lot of fun *Wink-Pout*

BE ME! Today, lets all be delicious.

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