No Rest for the Wicked

Omg..i seem to have no time to write my blog, due to work, life and Bailey’s getting the better of me. I guess the good thing about being able to write a blog, is the sheer fact that it must mean you have a life to life, even if you really don’t seem to think you have. Everyone around me is ill. I’ve had ‘handsome’s’ literally FALL out of bed in their hour of ’24 hour flu-ness.’ (‘I can’t believe you laughed Chrissie!’) I mean, what is funnier than seeing a fit bit of ‘handsome’, roll to his right, when he’s all ill but cozy, then accidentally rolling too far, to the point where he falls off the be and lands ‘doggy-style’ on all fours on the carepet below..with a sore throat! Ha!

Other than that, i’ve been WORKING. I’m missing baby Ruby time, loving life, have a ‘Keiran’ who wants to adore me every moment of the day, to the point where when he doesn’t have me, he begins to ‘think.’ We’re both big thinkers…infact, he’s more of a thinker than i am, and all i know about thinking, is that it can be dangerous. But we’re good right now. A little frustrated with how life is rolling, due to it’s busy-ness…yet i feel lucky right now and i’m teaching Keiran that you sort of have to try to be as positive as possible through life…never let it get the better of you. It’s kinda essential in order for good things to happen. I’m moody at times, but never unhappy…good things accidentally happen to me all the fricking time. Why because i strutt through this little earth ball like it’s a high heeled disco-rama. A glitzy bonanza. Like i’ll find that pot of glod with a willy on top! God loves me for this…(and why wouldn’t she?) And therefore cuts me some slack.

I  can’t think of anything to blog now that i’m in a rush. But i did peek in peoples gardens earlier when i was on the train and wonder why everyone on my train was in a quileted jacket and why everyone with a garden around wakefield Westgate has a broken trampoline in it??

I want a cream faux fur and an ipad. I’m excited for Christmas. Wazza has forgotton to remember my life. I’m realizing that people forgive hot people more and that if the combined bundle of entire Facebook users, were an actual would be equivalent to the being the 3rd largest nation in the entire WORLD!!

I want a bed day, where i stay in my comfies, play with baby Ruby, do lunch with Keiran and groom whenever i so wish, whenever i so wish. There really is no rest for the wicked. I wish i’d been more ‘good’ now. Anyway i don’t enjoy i must go. I have meetings and pinstripes to attend to. Totally helped save a tramp yesterday….will tell you about that later..

Love you. Ciao.

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