No Pressure

Morning! Just woke up from the most terrible time in ‘dreamland.’ I had proper nigntmares, and i don’t mean ‘bad dreams’ as in getting chased by monsters, or getting stabbed to death by valiant thieves, with blunt butter knives. It was one of those ‘what if you don’t amount to anything,’ diasters!! The worst kind of dream. It seriously puts me under a great deal of pressure, and makes me feel quite joyously TERRIFIED!! I have a lot to live up too, and have a family who have achieved GREATNESS, so i think, i’m supposed to take what they’ve taught me, and rocket it to the next level. Oops? People never feel sorry for  (and you shouldn’t as i depise ‘pity parties,’…they’re full of nodding ‘don’t really care about yous’, who wave flags at second rate ‘ah-dee-dums,’)…anyway, for those who have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth, because all we do is speak posh, spend our riches, acumulate more riches, and then moan about it….so incase you had ‘wooden spoon’ syndrome.. know that we’re all unfortunately the bleeding same. I have a lot to get on with and conquer. So i’m forgetting about all that scary crap, and deciding to let my morning curls frolock and be my happy bouncy self…to the soothing sounds of Britney Spears. (yes, yes sailor!) Maybe i had bad dreams, because a Wizard told me 2 seconds before i went to sleep, that a friend we went to school with took a delightful display of illegal, yet recreational vices, and accidently shuffled off this mortal coil, last week and quite ungracefully, i believe? It scares me, how people can have the same sort of start, then end up taking a whole alternate path. I will never piss anything i have up the wall again!! I’m pushing into gear ‘grateful.’

Well nice start, i’m happy i’m strong, i’m about to wallow in honeyed tea, and count my darling blessings!! Superstardom, here i come!!

3 thoughts on “No Pressure”

  1. u will be successfull chrissie u got a loving and supportive family behind u and u have brains and beuty a very leathal combination. so i think u will achieve what ever u want ot in this life. im sorry to hear about your old school friend it does happen someone i know is bang on the bugal and does an eigth a day. have a lovely thursday chrissie take care treacle tada scratch

  2. aww..thankyou, lovelilest things i’ve heard all morning, and and thanx for the ‘i believe in you’ words too! Lol… No really, it means a lot…made me smile!! xxx Kisses

  3. cheers babe well u cheered me up with that pic yesterday after watching england and nearly bursting a blod vesal in me cannister so call it eve. but it is true chrissie u are the complete package brains beuty and on the level and funny so best of luck at whatever u decide to do babe


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