No Business like Showbusiness

Busy day today, My Tumbling Tots of Treatness. I have an audition in about an hour and a half, that i need to try and nail. I’m always quite confident until it’s the day of, or the moment before. Then i start to sweat it a little (haha) and begin a trail of quite annoying nervous laughter. It’s always the waiting that gets me, but i never ever show it. I don’t like to be around nervous people before and audition, as they seem to spread their ‘jiggies.’ I like to get things over and  done with, smeared over with a solid lash of ‘Va Voom.’ Once i walk into the room and get started, then i’m dandy. The show-off and the fighter in me takes over and tries to tally me on that score board of Greatness. I need to get it done. I’m just laughing at the hideous amount of fake tan i’ve decided to apply to my face. I’ll never learn. I’m terrifying. Three cheers!!

Other than that, i have a lot to do all day. This ‘no Facebook for a week’  marlarky is going to prove to be quite beneficial for my work. I finally won’t be so easily distracted and i’ll knuckle down to the old ‘heave ho.’ It’s already working. Facebook really is the Devil. My day is littered with juicy meetings, auditions, reads, writing sessions and openings of Fashion Shows. I’m excited and i’m slowly realizing what i’ve got to do, in order to get what i want. I always ‘jiggery pokery’ off into the distance and forget to actually get the work done. I need a mentor, a teacher, someone to discipline me. I’m as wild as they come and sometimes people like me, need a bootcamp soldier to put me in check and refuse to sleep with me. Maybe i need a female mentor?? The men always submit to the Wunna charm.

I’ve spent the morning BBM-ing Samuel who was in a taxi coming back from a night out in Hollywood, with four delicious males. I’m a pretty decent friend this morning. (Yes, i am shocked by this behaviour.) I gave him a little yet much needed ‘prop up.’ (Oh-er.) Anyway, I do need to go now. I must tend to this whole audition thing. Infact, i seem to have talked the ‘jeepers’ out of me, as i feel quite ‘ooh laa’ once more. I think i need coffee?

Now it’s you’re turn! Would you rather have your ‘Private Part’ fingered by a horny Margaret Thatcher, or be bucketted (anally sexed) by a life size, real version of Papa Smurf??

13 thoughts on “No Business like Showbusiness”

  1. Just testing everyones moral meter and seeing who’s too scared to answer the question, who sees the funny in it and who really does fancy Papa Smurf! Hahaha

    Well done you!

    I’d go for Margaret Thatcher. I do fancy her a bit anyway. She’s a saucy minx.

  2. i dont know about that one both are shit i dont want maggie fingering me shitter and i defiantly dont want to be done up the shitter by a real life smurf so i would rather pass on them offers chrissie thanks but no thanks. good luck in your auditon babe uwill knock em bandi treacle

  3. I love the Smurfs!
    Just not in that kind of way! Haha!
    I can see Smurf porn as the next big thing…

    Good luck today 🙂

  4. Yeah but i didn’t…i said Margaret Thatcher.

    So everyones abstaining from such Tom Foolery!! (Oooh.)

    Danyal- I love the Smurfs and wouldn’t at all say ‘No’ to Papa Smurf…at all. I just prefer Maggie today.

  5. Hi Lynn!! Thankyou soo much! It’s really refreshing to get love from another female!

    Fun’s the way forward and by the sounds of it, you know how to have a good time! Love it!! hahaha xxx

  6. that’s a twisted question,i’d rather pluck my eye out with a rusty spoon than do either of those things lol

  7. Danyal- I ADORE YOU! Great mentality! You sexy bitch!

    Patrick- I wear the shoes whenever they go with my outfit, and my outfit is usually just panties (if that) …so yeah…quite often. LOL I wear the heels and a pout.


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