Night out, Naked Men and A Whole lot of Fighting

I was determined to make my ‘yesterday’ worthwhile, after refusing to submit to the powers of boredom. I was the grumpiest Glamour pussy the world had even seen, no face on, all dumpy, and staring out my window. Then after realizing i was doing absolutely NOTHING and the guy outside my window had managed to get himself arrested that day. I figured, i could do something fun too.

After a few phone calls, a bit of date cancelling, a couple of Thorntons choccies and thirst for excitement, i found myself changed, make-uped, eyelashed and groomed, within almost 30 minutes and on a bus (I call it the ‘Free Bus’ coz i never pay) into Central. The bus was armed with goodies…a few chavs, an old lady, excited girls, drunks and Inspector gadget. It was dark, it was windy, then with a blink of an eye, i found myself in the McBustle outside Leicester square tube station, to meet friends for a night of ‘hadn’t eaten all day’ McDrinking. Woo-hoo! I was trashed and all i remember is the streets being lit up by theatre billboard lights and sexual chemistry. (Oh and i saw little

ound myself on the night bus, after being walked by a lady, a gay and a french man, ( sounds like a bad joke) to Trafalgar square at God knows what time?? But by that time…i was blathered. I don’t even know how i got home? All i remember is being sat down…i must have looked trashed and this lovely chipper blond, 20 something yr old girl wiggles up to me, she looked 100%  sober and like a Primary school teacher and says ‘Your Chrissie from Paris Hiltons British Best Friend!!’... then began to ask me numerous questions about my life, which i didn’t mind at all really…but couldn’t handle due to my ‘booze intake.’ I kinda just gave up in the end and said, ‘OMG, i’m sorry…i’m sooo drunky.’ And just like that, i was praised and applauded for it, because i’m such the ‘party queen.’ I’m loving London. Life is wonderful.

End of the night, had a massive phone fight with ‘Lashes’ who was partying in Watford…and annoying me because he would’nt do anything i told him too. Infact, he was actually a bitch to Me, so i think i told him i HATED him, quite loudly on a bus (it’s fine they’re used to me, and my glamour puss dramatics on night buses) and vowed never to talk to him again. Eww…it’s made me not fancy him. That’s twice now he’s pissed me off. Infact, all men are pissing me off right now. There’s no good ones left. Men are suppossed to be loyal, whole hearted, courageous, loving beings….not  insecure ‘look after me’ fuck donkeys!!

I have a busy day today! Ugh… (I wrote all of this in bed.)

3 thoughts on “Night out, Naked Men and A Whole lot of Fighting”

  1. On a night out normally the most memorable things happen not in the club or bar it’s actually all the inbetween and after bits, like bus stops, walks, night buses, drunken phonecalls, random people you meet on your way home..

    I love how you refer to your friend as ‘ a gay’




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