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Morning dolls!
I’m giggling because I have literally had the most hilarious evening of ‘stay up’ ever! So we all know that i’m quite kitty shattered right now from my time at The Clothes Show live, meaning that i’m ready for a ‘chillax’ and maybe a bit more kip. However, the darling Good Lord and his glitzy troops have sent me a ‘middle finger’ and instead decided to give Baby Junior some kind of crrepy chesty massive cough, which would therefore place my dolly self, UP ALL NIGHT looking after him. 🙂 I was so exhausted and so utterly shattered, that it was just hilarious. There I was at 1am, 2am, 3 am…in my knee high socks and pyjamas, after Baileys, Port and a yummy family dinner, stood in the dark whilst everyone, except my darling son was asleep. It was riveting. He was coughing and moaning, then smiling because he had ‘Team Mummy’ by his side. He decided to get in bed with me and sleep at 6am.

We woke up at 8am and well that 2 hours is what i’m going to be living on today! Weirdly i’m happy! I mean, we were late to nursery, I got trapped inside my own home, the bins haven’t been taken, I had to clean the whole house up, I’m rushing to buy Christmas pressies, men are Facebooking dirty things, i’m adoring my new red Xmas boots, I got locked out of my Mercedes, I have a lunch meeting, I’m stressing, I’m in a robin jumper, doing an interview and last night I got yelled at by Pete (Ruby’s father…biological one) for apparently being evil and telling porkies! Life! Lol. I’m laughing at circumstance, but i’m getting a bit narked off at people jumping to conclusions and having a darling go at me for things that I haven’t done! I’m not evil. I’m happy, sexy, Chrissie claus much…Just because you lot are all tired, over worked and miserable doesn’t mean take it out on me. I’m already tired and glizty, not miserable. I don’t need to be shouted at for nothing…especially when I’m having a Port! (Oh golly, now a guy is sending me messages saying this:

‘I would love to be your slave and send you money! 🙂 ‘

Really? Great doll! You’re hired! (That is actually my real response to him. Usually they get ignored.)  Apparently he wants to be my ‘pay piggy.’ What is that? Those how do fetishes please inform me. What is a pay piggy and is it wrong? I like pigs, I like pay…it can’t be that bad. Slaves always try and contact me. I never know why? Maybe I look like a dominatrix. Or just a big kitty BITCH. 🙂

I’ve got a lunch and Xmas shopping today. Doesn’t sound too stressy but there’s a lot more that I need to tend to work wise. 🙂

Oooooh…I got to see my little baby nephew Jack yesterday afternoon for lunch on his very first outing. Sharn (who I adore) has just had Baby Jack only 2 weeks ago and I luckily got to see him for the first time yesterday!!! His is the tiniest baby i have ever seen in my life and it’s hilarious because he looks just like Phil (His daddio) to the point where Sharn’s nan said,

‘He looks more like Phil than Phil does!’ Hahahahaha! I love that!

I said that they looked like Grant & Phil Mitchel when put together simply out of baldness. (I adore Phil.)

But yes Baby Jack is tiny and adorable and well Sharn just seemed so happy and so glam. Being a mum of Two really does suit her. It was gorgeous to she her. Family really does mean everything. Building your own is a marvel. I feel like i’ve just ha Baby Junior and Jack has already made me broody! Aww…i LOVE BABIES! I NOW WANT A GIANT FAMILY!!

Oh and i’m actually looking forward to next week because Sharn, Phil, Harry and Baby Jack with be joining us in the Forest! We have the treehouse cabin this time. Luxury much. AND both Sharn and I share the same birthday, which will be celebrated whilst we’re there! Yipppeeee! I’m certainly on fun mode…which will probably get annoying. I must’ve looked like a moron at lunch. This is what I was dressed in!


Love my red boots! Total bargain from Citrus! Only £10!

But yes, Sharn was dressed like a posh loving mother and I was dressed like the above..with a giant Robin on the front of my Primark jumper. It was funny because around us a table of grannies were having a Christmas party in paper Christmas hats that you find in crackers and bauble head boppy, alien like head bands on..those that have balls on wired sticking out of them. Hilarious! It was ace. Last week I was letting Made In Chelsea, Oliver Proudlock tell me that I was ‘cute.’ (Well what he said was, ‘My my aren’t you a cute little thing.’)  This week I’m surrounded by Christmas party grannies. I LOVE CHRISTMAS PARTY GRANNIES. But I WILL SAY…what I don’t like is grannies that ride their mopeds on the actual roads. You CAN’T DO THAT! It’s dangerous! I was following one all the way to Sharlston yesterday at snail pace. I would’ve gotten really angry is I could be bothered to. Instead I just giggled and swore at the people horn honking at me! What d’ya want me to do? There’s a moped infront of me and I can’ t over take yet! I didn’t want to scare her! 🙂

I want hair extensions…

Okay lets move this along…Well done to Gill Kemp for winning the Babycademy Music Time Package , to Francesca Payton for winning the Bernie Hurst designer shoes and to Ruth Harrison for winning the Faux fur rimmed boots that she says make her very Made inChelsea, ‘Binky.’

Gift 11…Is it gift 11?

Okay, every one has one of these and they’re selling them everywhere! So why not grab your self a free one from MOI!

Retails for around £30… depends on the store really…Yours is by ‘Ruiyige’ and well it is a…

Ladies Parker jacket! (I had to find a photo of one simply because I didn’t have a piccie of the exact one. But it’s pretty much like the one above.) Warm padded, cute, thick fur rimmed. Cozy and perfect for Winter!

Want it?

It can be yours!

Answer this..

Question… Using your best Chrissie Wunna knowledge..what do YOU think would be my favourite type of coat to wear?

Answers to me as soon as possible…via any online channel and I’ll give you this lovely jacket for Xmas!!


Chrissie x

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