New Steps, Boys & Banter


I had a first day today. It was amazing. I’m shattered because i was forced to exercise my brain continuously in order to absorb. However, it’s the only exercise that I adore. I’m loving every single moment of my new chapter…at the same time as looking back and loving my old…that’s when you know you have almost everything! When life from all angles seems to have fallen into place and is making you smile. Once, I can peek into the future, control it and make it exactly perfect, then I’ll be the champion of the world. Lol. Yet right now, I feel so happy! And I did it in pinstripes.

I’m the luckiest bugger in the world. (On my drive back home, from this amazing day at work, I actually saw Jenna walking home as I was pulling into Ackworth to buy groceries and all i heard was her shouting ‘WUUUNNNA.’ 🙂 It made me beam, as it reminded me that all areas of my life, past, present and oh go on then…future…were butter smeared over with love and support!! (Again, THANK YOU EVERYONE….you do not know how grateful i am for all your love.)

I’ve always been lucky in work…and achievements and ‘doing stuff.’ I’m a happy kid. I’m a kitten. I have great friendships, a really close family, my own family…but i’ve never really been able to sustain love, when it has come to partnering up and doing ‘forever’ with someone. I want the man of my dreams to sweep me off my feet and I know that the right guy will go forth and do so…I’m a happy, single girl..yet when i’m in love, i feel alive! I want that. Plus, I have a lot of love to give…and i actually find life much harder when i’m not giving it.

Chilling and happiness has happened. Time with the babies, work, new chapters, friendships. I’ve had an ‘i’m gonna do Scotch,’ beef, boxing and ‘bring an apron’ banter with Cloughey. We actually get along really well…we check in every day to have a chitter chatter..We openly talk about everything and anything, in our own weird sort of way..but as i told you, our cerebral connection is better than anyone would guess… It’s serious, fun, dark, light, closed and open..I think he’s a marvel…He makes me laugh…He’s so smart, we fascinate one another…I’m learning a lot about him daily…then he runs off to cinema’s with chicks. 🙂

Ooh! I also had a great online chatter with a new Facebook acquaintance, who is fun and interesting. He’s from London, but was in Singapore, in a hotel room at 2am, wondering what to order from room service. Hed did what the thought was right and that was  go on Facebook and ask me….as I am obviously the QUEEN of all room service dilemas. Then (like guys do) deliberately took no notice of my advice and did what hed wanted anyway. Whatever advice he asked of me…he did the exact opposite, every time. It was fun. They got the ‘club sandwich’ out of panic, whilst calling room service. Apparently it was ‘Four Seasons’ divine.

Bottom line, there are is no such thing as room service etiquette…However, I did make sure that I pointed out that no actual being, who was a grown up gentleman, without a 12 year old girlfriend, would order a MILKSHAKE at their room. Lol. Hotel social suicide! Then i went to bed. I had a first day to tend to and we’re actually in the same industry…so it’s good that he would understand my first day, ‘who should i do lunch with’ panic.

I just have this great interest in people in I found it wonderful to have a being all the way in Singapore, on business…bored, shattered and chilling in their Four Seasons hotel…banter with me…in Pontefract…over whether the ‘club sandwich’ should be ordered. Life is great like that! I’m luckily that i get to communicate with people. I enjoy it.

Other than that…I’ve chatted to my favourite Alberti Twin. (John.) Now, I can’t tell you anything about that he’s off the telly (we both are…that’s what we have in common) and being from a PR background…I get it. We chatter, we have a laugh…he’s great…I want a ‘hang out’ with Alberti…he’s fun! He said he’d ‘coffee’ or cook. Both great! Our sense of humour is similiar…so we can completely take the absolute piss out of each other…and it’s okay. I tell him off, he adds gentlemany bits…(that sounded rude…it’s not remotely rude)..then he dollops it off with ‘Italian Italian’ and we’re smiling!

Life is good right now. I want the man of my i have everything else that means something to me. Guys are usually terrified to date me and I never know why? I’m an awesome choice of girlfriend. 🙂 I really am!!! I’m not that terrifying. I’m a lot more normal than they envision. (Ooh forgot to tell you, I saw Ben today, whilst I was at work…and he didn’t see me…he wouldn’t even know that I work there…he simply walked passed, doing life…But love it when you can watch others and they don’t see you….)

But away from that… yes, a bit of true love would be good right now…

Do you hear me Cupid?

Love you long time…







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