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How lovely is it today! Hello ‘almost’ Spring! There’s a chill in the air, a baby blue sky, filled fresh fluffy white clouds, by tiny budding blooms, a ray of delicious sunshine, chicks hatching and a probable amount of rabbits bonking… It’s Spring and after a whole blanket of doom, gloom, dark by 5pm, dark at 7am…cold, wet, windy hell…we kinda sort of appreciate a bit of light! It’s just a season that perks everyone up and as you can tell, i’m bizarrely in the best of moods…and I only say bizarrely since Ruby decided to grease my body in fat from chicken wings, as Junior decided to projectile vomit over everything in sight…for fun. It was mayhem. Yet lovely. It’s not even like they were being bad…they were just being kids. 🙂 When you’re a Mum of two…this is what happens. You can ‘hit’ your stress button at times and all other mums will get it. Yet last night, I just watched, laughed and learnt. As i knew it would be followed by an evening of Ruby screaming in her sleep. Hahaha. Yippppeee! How we do it? I just don’t know. But we do! And we’re amazing for it. The kiddies are GREAT!

Okay, so today, feeling quite recovered. There’s a tightness across my neck where my scar is scabbing over, which makes me feel like i’m choking on occasion. Lol. Glamourous I know. Lets keep this real. But on the whole happy.

I’m finally back to sorting out my business plan for the eyelash line. WAHOOO! I CAN’T WAIT to get it all up and running an get my pretty ‘pitch on’ to the good folk at Angles Den. It’s all going to go so well and it’s lovely to have Spring here and all the drama tucked away. I’m feeling good and you are to, so it seems. I Mean, how many MORE of my friends want to get married this year! I’ve just been invited to TWO MORE weddings! As I Tweeted, Cupid must have made up fro lost time in 2013. I’m happy for you I can’t say that I don’t feel loved up because I weirdly do…but I did see a a hilarious Facebook poster thing today stating that if you think you’re happy in your relationship and if you swapped phones for the day, no passwords or codes…90% of you would be single! Lol. The thing is…in my mind phone banter or whatever…etc,,,isn’t real. It’s not a real relationship, a rapport…or anything. It’s just a distraction…mainly for men, but for girls too, who need something to do with their time, or need to find a bit of loving attention when they might feel down. Even if they think it’s a great idea at the time, it doesn’t hold it’s fort for long and it soon drizzles out into nothingness. So if you are in a relationship, don’t fret, if this is happening to you. It doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong there are some rubbish guys who are plonkers and some genuine singles  looking for love. But for the ones that use it as a distraction…that’s all it is. They don’t really choose those folk over their real life relationships. It’s just there to mentally entertain them.

To give you hope and because it’s Spring-ish, here’s some statistics… 100 divorced/separated men were asked who they would marry, if they were to get married again and 80% of them said that they would marry the same girl they did the first time around. Men are just silly sometimes. But from a real love couples front…it’s the ones that make it through the storms that make it to the ‘forever’ finish line. The flirty flings don’t count. They’re just often the bits of distraction that weirdly can sometimes make you realize how much you miss or love the person (be they a girl or guy,)  that you do love. So don’t panic. 😉

When it comes to men for me…i like familiarity. SO, new men find it hard to shimmie into Wunna land, as I spend most of  my time just loving who I love and that really doesn’t change that much. I will always choose old love, over new love. I’m not interested in Summer time flings or bits of love here. I’m all or nothing and to be honest…i’m already a family…there doesn’t need to be spanking NEW additions to that, as they wouldn’t be able to just slot in to the way it works…nor will I have time to do the whole ‘lets get to know you’ thing. Lol.

It’s much easier when you already  know a being (and I don’t mean a being you’re mildy acquainted with, someone you truly know)  and they know you and how your life works because they can slot right back in. It’s simply more of a *wink,* a high five and a ‘let’s get on with this now.’ Much easier…and let’s be honest…we all appreciate things that we want, that come with the greatest of ease. 😉

So yes, other than all of the beauty line, getting over the shock stuff…today I have begun my giant HOUSE HUNT. I need to find somewhere delightful, that I can look at think, ‘ooh home’ at…and well I have time, yet this time it comes with a deadline. Deadlines are good for me, because I work better. Remember that I am a kitten, so all is very glamour puss, slow throw of robe, slow motion hair toss…unless i’m in a ’bout of excitement. But to say I was so worried a couple nights ago…I now feel the absolute opposite! I AM SO EXCITED to hunt for new digs…a glorious family home, that will celebrate Wunna land and right before Summer! Eeek! I’ll love it. The children will love it. I say, gimme, gimme!

Maybe, I needed a bit of firecracker up my booty for it…as i’m quite chilled when it comes to ‘home,’ and having to move these days and mainly because as a 20 something in LA…i mustve moved 100 times. Every few months! It was awful. But normal for me at the time. Now i’m older and have the babies…i love stability and being in one place for a good long time. Lol. Y’see, every beings history dictates how they current act, or more gives reason why someones acts the way they.

However, what is better than a new family home and I’m eager because I AM actually excited about it. I can’t wait to be it in..even though I haven’t found it yet. I get to choose one giant spacious, gorgeous family home..i hope and love it, live in it…and well it’ll just make everyone happy. ESPECIALLY if we have a gorgeous Summer. I’ll be working from home doing the beauty line, as the family giggle and rush around the garden…people can come over…It’ll just be and as much as I hate the word…’nice.’

This time i’m going to pick WELL and i’m going to for what I want! No snipping at corners..just an ace family home. So today that is what i’m doing! But i tend to get a bit carried away. Yet in life, that’s what we’re meant to be doing when it comes to family homes. 🙂 I’m a glamour puss after all.

There’s not been too many in the village in the current village that I reside in, yet there’s been some good ones…there’s giant barn conversions…quaint new 3 beds…cottages, huge family homes…new, old, spacious…small. Lots. But i’m liking what I like and it’s working for me. Haha. Gimme! Gimme! I don’t even have to move just yet…but there is a deadline…So once the deal is sealed…BINGO. I guess the middle of April would be good…but i do have a bit longer than that!

Okay, so i’m getting back to work right now. Everything is accidentally falling back into place and I guess everything does happen for a reason. A reason that you don’t realize at the time. All that you go through, if something is meant to be..happens because it has to…and it has to so that you get to the appropriate result at the right time.

I love house hunting.

Oooh and on the learning front…I asked someone the other day what their favourite things were and their answer weirdly was…’watched, shirts…my designer…this and that.’ How odd? I mean, we all adore luxury and what I like to call  ‘stuff’ don’t we..and do know that the conversation was about shopping and socks. Lol. Yet, m answer would’ve been that i’m not really material. I’m not one whocares for material things…or ‘stuff,’ and because well some say it’s because i’ve been lucky enough to have had ‘stuff’ all my life..and never had to struggle for it. However, I like to say it’s because I know what matters in life. Luxury and nice things are great…I’m flashy…i’ll rock a designer whatnot if i wish, I’ll purchased people nice things because it’s good manners and because I want them to be treated, to feel special…..but i’m well balanced, as I’ll rock an online boutique or Primark when it’s quiet. (Busy Primark sucks.) I LOVE A BARGAIN. I think those who don’t are foolish. Yet still…expensive or cheap…i don’t care about ‘stuff.’ They don’t even nearly come up on my priority list of ‘What matters’ to me. I mean to put things into perspective…not that you need it…a friend of mine had a baby yesterday…a tiny newborn…she celebrated it all over Facebook, like the happiest, proudest Mum ever….17 hours later…the baby had died. My heart BROKE for her. So if you’re stressing over nothing (i do it all the time)…know that there are things going on in the world, really normal things…that are horrific, yet those people experiencing the horror of life…don’t seem to be throwing  a pity party..when they have every right to maybe be doing so.

Know what matters. Have the right favourite things!

I love family, success and happiness…memories, love and life. Sprinkle that with good friends, good times and warm hearts…stability and wine..and you have me sorted. Y’see, the good thing about me is that I could’ve if i wanted just lived the most perfect life EVER…and the only reason why I didn’t was because I wanted to experience real life. So i went and found ‘real life’ myself…to experience. Far enough, I did it glitzy in Hollywood…lol…but people are the same, be they rich, poor, in Ponty or in Hollywood…not outwardly, yet inwardly. We all feel, we all love, we all cry, we all laugh the same. Some are better than others…but we’re all learning. I’ve learnt now and only to find myself right back where I started…the place where perfect life could’ve been forever, without the self-found ‘life drama.’ YET, this time i’m here, i now appreciate it a lot more and well what I learnt is… who the hell needs life experience when you’ve always had it good to begin with. LMAO! I come from a really loving family and I now have my own loving little family and I have all this opportunity…i’m lucky. Don’t search for trouble if you don’t need to. The grass is NEVER greener..a lesson we tend to always have to learn. Love what you’re meant to love and enjoy it! 🙂

Anyway, got to go…(again.)

I still need to tell you all about Sister in Law Sharn’s wedding. I adore her and i’m so happy that she found lurve….’in a hopeless place.’ 😉 (I’ll have to do it at the weekend..)

But here’s a piccie (our favourite one of us both lol) pre- dinner…

We’re fit. 🙂 We even loved the picture when it had just been taken. Hahaha. #vanityatitsfinest


I didn’t look like that by the end of the night. Yet all’s great in the name of fun and certainly when you’re celebrating love. 🙂







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