New Celeb Crush Alert


Last night, even though i was hungover, was great! And it was purely great because i managed to find a new Celeb Crush. As if!! That never happens! So my previous Celeb Crushes have been (and it’s a delightful list, so hold onto your ‘frilles’ ladies and gents) Ronaldo, Gino D’Campo, Pharrell Williams, Russell Brand (before he turned all political and was just inappropriately funny,) Bradley Cooper, Louis Theroux, Ricky Martin and I can’t remember the rest.

They make the Wunna Celeb Crush list (like they’re bothered lol) if i’m attracted to them, they’re hilarious, they’re accidentally sexy, intelligent and if they have some amazing talent that i am impressed by. And it’s the amazing talent thing that gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love talented men, who have been a success at what they do because of their talent. If they’re funny…then that is to die for.

But oh my god, last night…I was sat in my Monster Onesie, watching a bit of telly and then BOOM, like ‘The Gods’ had wanted to delight Wunna land with talent, amazement and hottness…’Ball and Boe’ comes on…(I’d been watching Saara not win the Xfactor, and i knew that would happen, as i was figuring out the set up before it went to ‘announcing the winners.’)

Anyway, sat watching telly and if you didn’t know i’m a massive musical theatre fan. I love going to watch a show. I love to sing. I love to dance. I spent my whole youth in dancing schools and theatre schools and i loved it. Both my kids are really similar, so in our world we appreciate the art of entertainment and entertainers in any form. I find it beautiful when it’s in stage form.

I also find ALFIE BOE the hottest man ever. Oh my LORD! I mean, he was visually attractive anyway, but then as soon as he started to perform, sing, dance and do the funny bits…That was it….I was in love. 🙂 (Hahah, being a girl is ace.)

I sat and watched him perform all evening and it honestly from a ‘talent’ point of view, made entire night, as it was such a great show. Both ‘Ball and Boe’ have this wonderful talent, of delivering a ‘feel good’ factor when they perform. It lights your world up! It’s a good energy. It’s happy. I love it. It certainly made me want to go see their show live and stalk Alfie Boe on Twitter. 🙂 He is such an attractive man.

Then I found out that Gino D’Campo was actually going to BE at his new ‘Gino Restaurant’ in Leeds tomorrow night and my loins couldn’t take it anymore. Lol. I had to shut shop and hide under duvets.

But yes, my new Celeb Crush is definitely ‘Alfie Boe.’ What a fantastic discovery when hungover.

More to the point. I’m thirty six in 7 days!! As if!! And i’m single. As if!! I’m always either fully married or fully single and never inbetween. Lol. I’m going to chose to have a quiet yet glamorous one but I WILL be cocktailing. I currently have an inbox FULL of places that have invited me to go to their restaurant, bar or venue and i’m really excited by all that. I can’t fit it all in before Christmas, as i have the babies to cuddle, but i will! I love a good invite and i love experiencing new places to play!

I hope you’ve had an amazing day so far! I’m blogging from my bed in my pj’s with Ruby singing Frozen songs at me.

I need food…now











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