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Good morning my little treaties of wink-wink. My mind is a boggled with a work load of ‘got to do this-ot to do that.’ I keep being lazy when it all gets a bit too much. (I’m quite irresponsible when i have a pile on of kitty cat work-work.) However, Keiran…the handsome ‘otherside of my pillow’ also has a giant man chunk of work to tend to, yet is making his way through it with a champion swagger. It’s encouraging me to try a little harder. Lol. Good influences are often frustrating, because when it comes to the hard grind, i’m rubbish. Yet i’m impressed and inspired by his commitment to his man chunka work load, meaning i’m going to actually be productive today…well until wine gets the better of me. Keiran now runs his own company…and 100% enjoys being a leader that’s filled with bucket loads of responsibility. I have a short concentration span. Things usually have to interest me within a moment. If not, my eyes will wander and i’ll totter off to MAC bronze my cheeks, until i find my next adventure. However, only when i find i have too much on for me to handle.

Anyway, the ‘fairytale’ is currently wonderful in Wunna Land. The two of us have really got our ‘forever’ on and are filled with a giggle and bond, swiped over with glitter and love. We’re best friends and have never been more comfortable with each other than we are now. Keiran’s turned into, what i call ‘Old man Thompson’ (the grandad version of himself…which I LOVE.) He did the nursery run in his slippers today, woke up at the crack of dawn, moaned about the jazzy ‘too loud’ music playing on the radio, switched it to Radio 2 and complained about ‘Rasta Mouse.’ (‘Ruby, i do not want you talking like you’re a jamaican mouse!’) I love the transition in him because i just find it adorable. He’s my absolute perfect man…and mainly because he forgives me for throwing saucepans around the room, due to my snazzy uncontrolable hormones. 🙂 In relationships when two people are the same, passionate, madly in love and feisty, drizzled with minor trust issues…it takes time to adjust to the correct relationship positioning. We’ve finally managed it and with no drama whatsoever. I love having the man of my dreams. We can’t WAIT to get married and well i never ever thought i would say that about any boy.

We did ‘Nando’s’ last night, with ‘The Wunna’s’ at Xscape. My mum keeps treating us because she adores her new soon to be ‘son in law.’ I love that they’re welcoming him in with warm open arms and well if anyone believes that we’re going to do amazing things in life…it’s my mum and she won’t stop until we get there. I want us to conquer everything and we will! I’m excited, determined and hopeful. [Have a breakfast wine here]

I can’t actually remember what i needed to tell you today? But it actually was important. Lol. I’ve got meetings, phone calls, more work, book stuff, filming next week and weddings to organise. Both of us literally had to start getting up early, simply to fit our days work in. I’ve got a future plan and i’m going to stick to it. But first i need to celebrate my book launch and tick that little box with a wink, before i attempt to tend to anything else remotely glitzy.

Okay yeah…i remember what i was meant to be telling you. (Keiran’s sat on the sofa telling me he likes my boobies and that i should consider getting them out. 🙂 I’m quite the hornball right now, due to my hormones going kinky and well i’m having to hold back from leaping on him ALL OF THE TIME, simply to refrain from looking like a jolly old cougar nutter. 😉 )

Right, you all know, but i will tell you again. I have a book out. My first ever one. ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss.’ Due to heavy purchasing (which i love) it keeps selling out and is now constantly ‘out of stock’ on Amazon and the Waterstones website.

For those of you, that have PRE-ORDERED your book and not yet recieved it…i have been informed that it is because the orders are filtering through the system and due to there being quite a bundle of them to filter through, there is a minor minxy hold up.

Therefore, Wunna land has saved the day!! IF YOU WOULD LIKE A COPY OF MY BOOK, a BOOK ORDER PHONE LINE has been opened, just for you delicious cherry gaggle of Wunna fans.

The number to call for you copy of ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ is 01565 228317  (Payments via all major credit and debit cards are accepted 24 hours.)

OR you can divert an Amazon/Waterstones line up by going directly to and buying your  book there…which is straight from the publishing house.

Hope i’ve got all the major details out? Lol (God, i need a wine and a bonk.)

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