Nettles to the face

…and it’s just keeps a coming. Three sonds after writing my last blog, i log off, pick up a blue mug (with a picture of an apple on it), walk to the kitchen…the door is wide open. I totter over to it, the birds are chirping, the air is warm, and my other friend is leaping around the lawn, like she’s just got burnt alive!! I politely ask, ‘What’s exactly happened??’ (hahahahahah, sorry, i’m cracking up!!) Her reply:

‘I’ve just got stung!! I’ve just got STUNG!!’

(I add,) ‘…by a bee?’

‘Nooooooooo, i’ve just got stung by nettles, in my fucking FACE, bitch!! I tried to pick up a plant, and instead i jabbed a large bundle of nettles into my face, and it FUCKING KILLS!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!’

I am once again crying with laughter, and now listenning to Billie Piper, ‘Honey to the bee.’ This is gonna be a great day!! I don’t know whether any of you are actually finding this as funny as I am??? You just had to be there

1 thought on “Nettles to the face”

  1. u are a funny gitl chrissie did u or your loght ale sting your face with netteles babe/ i hope u have a lovely saturday treacle it is nice weather ofr once aint it babe


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