Showgirl nerves and a whole lot of ass feathers

So whilst you’ve been sitting in front of your computers, reading a book, flicking through porn or earning your pences. I have been dressed in red sequins. Had feathers and fans thrown at me. Given boots, heels, attitude, eyelashes and a stage. I had people around me fixing my hair, taking my picture, pointing and shouting. Then after 20 minutes of learning a dance routine, and removing feathers from places where feathers should never venture. I was plunged on to a stage, and dancing around to ‘When i grow up,’ by the Pussycat dolls. I’m quite a good dancer, a nifty mover, a Queen of the stage. (Sooo humble, right now) You have to be, in the life i live. The ability to disguise the ‘duck, weave and disappear’ as a series of serious dance moves, is pretty essential. I’m a natural showgirl, an entertainer. It’s the ‘OOh laa’ in my eyes. I just feel super comfortable on a stage….even with feathers up my arse. (haha) I adore it (the stage that is not the ‘feathers up arse’) and only because i’ve spent the majority of my life on one. Now the real world seems to be my ‘Stage’, and i find it much better, because after 2 hours, the lights don’t go out, the crowds don’t disappear and the ‘Stage Door’ doesn’t slam shut. It keeps on going, and if your lucky….forever.

I’m currently waiting for a phone call. A very important phone call, that i was told i was going to get some time today. I’m nervous and doing that thing where you sit and STARE at your phone waiting for the next ‘brring brring.’ When i go to the toilet, i take it with me. When i make cups of tea, i have it by my side. I won’t listen to music, incase i don’t hear it. I’m half staring at it right now. I’m pretty much a LUNATIC. Hurrah!!Hopefully, it will ring soon and put me out of my misery (hahah.) I have no idea what news it will bring, but i’m hoping it will be GREATNESS!! I hate it when waiting gets scary.

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  1. sounds like u have had a lovely day chrissie and that u are ream on the stage babe i bet u looked choong in your lil outfit chrissie i had a lovely day today finished work at 10.30 as i wenrt alowwed to meet the new clients i hope u have a good week me old china take care chrissie tada scratch xxx


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