Naked Boys and Opportunities

Holy Shit!

Well i’ll tell you now, that the great thing about being a blogger is that one day your blog may become mildy popular and once it is, you get invited to all sorts and get sent all sorts in order for your review.  Apparently, my opinion matters…yet because of the nature of my blog…I get ACE PROJECTS! I did the Clothes show with Reality Tv celebs…Fashion shows…all sorts…yet last night, a lady who used to be my ‘blagger,’ sent me message.

I say ‘blagger’ simply because that’s the term sort of used. But i lived in London. I was just off the telly, ‘Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend’ was airing…(that show actually got aired all over the world…which made us more popular than people think. I one met a guy in a bar who said he had watched the show with my voice being dubbed in Arabic. What a treat i’m sure that was! AND a homeless guy stopped me and told me half the plot to the show? How did he have a telly?)

Anyway, during that time I was hanging out wiht other reality show folks…like Big Brother Rex, those that had come of X Factor…Bianca Gascoigne…all the socialies…people from pop bands, funnily enough Callum Best  and everyone else. And this lady was rresponsiblefor getting us into the club, straight into VIP without being bothered. She meet us, walks us straight down the line, straight to the front, give us security and plonk us in VIP with free drinks, infact booze galore for good times and paparazzi picture talking afterwards.

So, you get it..

Anyway..she’s sent me a message last night asking if i would review her boys show.

I simply replied with a ‘what boys show?’

And she sent me these pics:

Holy Moly, Naked Boy Show, what? I’m in!! AHAHA.

And if i do wish to do the review for her, she will make sure that  get a VIP box for the show and i’m allowed to bring 10 other chick friends with me for my little VIP box, where we will be plyed with free drinks all night…as i ofcourse…REVIEW.

My life really isn’t that bad…LOL

Catch you later…

Incase you’re interested, these boys are called ‘Forbidden Nights.’ And i’m sure they are a delight. There’s actually a whole bunch of boy crews right now, all getting their kit off for ‘woooo’ by the ladies, isn’t there?

But yes, life is good…

Buy lashes 😉 xxx

Chrissie x

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