Naggy Pants, Fluey and Rocking the Ooh laa

Just woke up. Feel a bit fluey. A good old 54%. Ugh! ‘The Party Fever’ is slowly catching up to me and intending to dispose of Me shortly…however not yet, as i’ll be in Manchester tonight, at a friend of a friends birthday. It’s been a morning of nagging. (Nag, nag, nag, nag.) I withdraw from naggers because i’m not able to care to stand it. But yes, i woke up to the merry sound of nagging and a very long rundown of someone else’s money problems. I just kinda pretended to be asleep. I have very short periods to rest in and it’s hilarious. I’m laying there trying to get my 40 winks in and have a bundle of people around me rambling on and on and on. LOL. Latin lover even called to ‘nag’ a bit with hs ‘Boner.’ I just hung up. Everyone wants a piece of me right now and well i sure as hell want a piece of them. I just can’t juggle it all, therefore instead of stressing (as it’s so not sexy or my thang) I’m just gonna continue rocketting forward with work. When i stop, i’ll look behind me and whoevers left standing will be my delicious bundle of ‘lurve.’

Just read this about me: ‘Chrissie is something of a “human dynamo”, especially given that on the day of our shoot it was one of those rare hot days, she’d not had much sleep and was making a 4hr round trip to work (which became a 5hr shoot), on what she said should have been a day off. It was a very entertaining shoot, and I’d suggest that anyone who doesn’t get some good results from working with her has only themselves to blame!’

Makes a change really to actually read something nice. I currently feel stronger than ever, with a ferociously sexy ‘Va Voom.’ It’s enchanting male and female suitors and fooling people into believeing i’m amazing. (God i’m losing my voice.)

I met a lady who works for Vogue (the magazine) a couple days ago at an event and she stared at me, looked me up and down and told me i was AMAZING. (I like this very much.) I humbly laughed it off, with some rubbish joke about my boobies, (i’m not humble at all by the way) but she stopped me mid-sentence corrected me saying, Honey it is not the boobs or the dress it’s YOU!!  You radiate this sense of power and confidence. You draw people to you!’

I’m only telling you all this, firstly to show off and secondly because i had a young girl message me  last night, telling me she felt ugly, and wished she was beautiful. I really feel for girls in a situation like this and they’re under the misconception that i’m this beautiful being. (And i am…but listen up. LOL) It’s not what you have, it’s how you present it. I’m just a normal girl, who’s luckily fooled people into thinking she’s beautiful and i live by this rule. It is the Hollywood way. It’s less what u look like and more how you are, how you play it. Find what’s great about you and then MILK it endessly with panache. Don’t care what any loser says about you EVER. Do your do. Work your ‘magic.’ Be confident in your actions, be bold (and that’s really the first step) and ROCK every joint OUT, like you run your shit better than anyone in the room. It’s easier for me to show you than it is for me to tell you. (Plus i hate telling people what to do.)

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  1. the fella who wrote good about u is right chrissie u are the guvna have fun in manchester tonight babe i cant wait till u come out my way take care treacle tada scratch xxxx


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