My Window of Excitement

Not to blow my own trumpet or anything (who me???) ..even though that’s what trumpets are for. But My Window (as in my appartment window, that looks upon a busy street, like a giant Amsterdam ‘Peep show’ is probably the best thing ever right now. OMG! You do not even know. I can see pretty much everything, and everything can see me, and it is so sexy it rocks! And can be a tad bit hilarious when drunk. I’m currently typing and swigging out of a rum bottle, so i can feel like a pirate.

Now word has spread that this particular window of glory belongs to Miss. Wunna, and therefore people make shy, or drunken trips to it, on a daily basis and I LOVE it. I write my blog at it, therefore people come watch me do it, whilst i’m in giant sunglasses (like i think i’m Queen of Everything,) Zebra Print pyjama bottoms, and black bra…with diamonds in my ears. Tragic!

As you may know, i have drunks come up to it and try to talk to my ‘pussy,’ make me do a dance, or shout things at my boobies. (They weep.) And on occasion i get young boys, or giggly girls, who watch me potter around or do my MC hammer dance. But today i got a gaggle of pretty private school girls, in  the most purrfect of uniforms all stand on the street and wave at me, for about 20 mins. I liked them a great deal, so i open it up, quite poorly as i have no upper body strength and asked them about their lives, school and boyfriends. They then listened to have an arguement with an ex, right infront of them, who thinks he’s a celebrity now. He’s all secretive about his new love life, because he thinks people care to know about it, when no-on really does at all?? Hence why the secrecy is hilarious. They cared before because (and yeah this is gonna sound conceited, but it’s true) he was dating …lil’ Chrissie ‘Controversial’ Wunna (who he couldn’t handle, might i add,) therefore i’m not sure why he believes anyone would want to delve into his love life this time?? There you have it! I’m turning slags into local ‘in their own head’ celebs. Hahahaha….10 points to Team Wunna. Pass me my bacardi breezer, his Blackberry that i own and my diamonds. (He’s gonna be quite sensitive about this if he reads it…but i’m joking honey…simmer down. I adore you.)

I have my Mother, the Great Wunna before me (who i love more than anything) coming down tonight, so i’m going to go meet her at 9pm at Kings Cross, so we can grab a bite to eat and she can sleep in my bed. The bed that i had ‘Lashes’ my new love in last night. (I love you honey.) I have a story to tell you about that…but it needs to remain ‘hush’ for right now. Hahahah…we’re just great beings. He brings out the very best in me. LOL. And is a permanent fixture in my window. God, he’s gorgeous and currently doing boy things. We’re like an old married couple…but really we’ve only know each other for about 2 weeks and a bit. LOL. Yay! Go ME!! It’s just a bit of fun. I’m dead proud of him. He’s extremely understanding and claims i can never get rid of him now.

Other than that…i’m really excited for tonight and tomorrow. Woo-hoo. Lots going on. Lots parties. Lots of people. Lots of work. Lots of work. Fuck that ‘breezer’  went straight to my head.

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