My Way or the Highway

Morning my pretty pumpkins of parlour. Welcome to Wunnaland. I’m armed with a cuppa tea, so be warned i’m sober. When i’m sober, i’m viscious. I need a morning mimosa to get the sweet, sweet, kitty in me a going. *Looks and mirror image. Pouts*

Anyway, if you haven’t read my previous blog, you should and simply to understand what i’m about to ramble on about. I’m feeling much much better this morning, delicious, happy, full and a lot less hormonally imbalanced. I talked to Loverboy last night and we made the executive decision to love each other deeply…regardless. (I mean he went to work yesterday in bits & pieces, ready to cry and hand in his notice, because it was apprently ruining his social life. Cute right. He’s all drama queen like i am. We rock…. it’s bad innit. Obviously, i didn’t enjoy making a human being feel this way….i mean, if he doesn’t work, how is he going to buy me diamonds or dinners? Luckily, he man marched it off…got over it, got on with it, then i called him and made it ALL better. Yay for me! I think we just need a full day and night with each other. We’re doing that today.

decided to pretend that all the bad behaviour (beautifully performed by the little Glamour puss, might i add…heelllo BAFTA) didn’t even happen. Yes! The Ignorance is bliss approach will be my trusted weapon and it will sail me through all kinds of nonsense..and i will commit to it like…vodka! Woohoo! Meiow! My Mother claims that my logic is enjoyable. If anyone else does anything wrong, then there’s hell to play with. But if i do anything wrong, it is to be completely and utterly ignored. 🙂 I spent a lot of my teenage years shouting at my mums face. We laughed about that this morning. I love a good laugh-a doo-dee at my expense. I really actually do. All the tantrum stunts that i’ve pulled have just been genius! I’ve been terrible.

Infact, now Mum can almost do a killer impression of half of them. I mean, I had a driving instructor that i argued with every fricking lesson, because i despised him and his ‘tell me what to do’ ways. I was never a good driver and well if i’m not amazing at something, then i will HATE it and HATE it’s messenger. I just remember yelling at my mother and out right refusing to get in the car with him…i might have even called him a ‘repulsive slob of a human being.’ (HAHAH.) Now, i was a clever girl growing up, a smart one, so there was no reason why i wouldn’t beable to do all this driving marlarky. But i couldn’t..and because i knew i HAD to! Therefore the Great Wunna before me lovingly calms me by saying, ‘Chrissie!! I WILL THROW YOU OUT OF THI

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