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Darlings! Welcome!!

Due to popular demand….this is the New and Official Chrissie Wunna website, thanx to my dear dear friend, The Wonderful Wizard of Waz!!! He waved his magic wanga, and with a delicate Mcblinky, a website was set up pour moi!! ( or to put it more bluntly, I went to school with this boy, and he’s ACE at computers!! ha! And in 5 hours, we set up my home page!! ) I love it!!

Everyday, from this time on..i’ll be writing a little bit about my oh so, GLAMOUROUS life, and about the ‘Oh so NOT VERY’ Glamourous parts, so YOU my fans can get to know we a whole lot better, as we get up, close and a wee bit too personal. (oooh aarr daddy-o!)

I currently hail as the ‘Queen of Greatness,’ the Champions of all Mistake-makers, who survive ( without bruises) and ofcourse, the ULTIMATE GLAMOUR PUSS of ALL Glamour Pusses!!

My Darlings, I do hope you LOVE my new site, as it LOVES you too!!

Giant Smooches, and a teeny little wiggle…

Chrissie Wunna xxx

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