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Now we all adore a Fan Page. You all know I do and yes partly because i’m a giant egomaniac, however mainly because now that i’m old, i really do intend to inspire…(and yeah…a bit more of the egomaniac thing. 🙂 ) Usually when i have a Fan Page pop up, that hasn’t been created by my own Team Wunna, behind the makings of, they adore me for a good few months, then get a bit bored of championing me and tottle off to live life and cheer for TOWIE stars. 🙂

However, this little Fan Page, is not only my most loyal, most devoted and most interesting…but my absolute favourite and they were pointed out to me, by my darling dearest Keiran, whilst I was laid in bed one evening, probably pouting, moaning or jibber-jabbering on about myself. Woohoo!

Let me introduce you to @WunnaFanPage on Twitter. I adore them because they 100% get me and they completely understand what i represent. They go out of their way to celebrate every thing ‘Wunna’ and well they focus on the positive, making me believe that i do maybe make a difference in some peoples delicious lives. Even i’m reading their tweets, which glorify Quotes by my jolly little kitten self and think, ‘Wow, I said that! 🙂 I am honestly AMAZING!’ Hahaha.

When i blog, i never remember what i’ve exactly written and simply because (and like this blog,) i type as i think and tapper it onto my laptop screen, without a draft, without too much thought and then hit ‘publish’ to send it out to millions, with a big Wunna wiggle. And i’ve always thought that, that was one of the reasons why my blog works. It real, it’ quick and an empty of my mind,without too much thought, edit or manufacturing. If i’m drunk…you’ll get a tipsy blog. If i’m happy, you’ll get a rainbow blog. If i’m crying, you’ll get a tipsy, pity bit of party blog. If i feel determined, i’ll be all inspirational and advise you to make your dreams come true and if i’m heartbroken i’m make sure you KNOW, that there really is a ‘fairytale’ around the corner. My blog seems to be based upon too much lippy and a strut. But it’s really based upon emotion…and maybe wine. 🙂 I’m a little girl, who’s now grown up, simply documenting her life. It’s accidentally morphed into this ‘thing of utter glory,’ and if i’m being honest, there’s not one bit of that, that i do not ADORE. Yipppeee! Life is life and i want you to enjoy yours, with apology. Celebrate who YOU are and take bits of my story with you wherever you jolly.

Therefore this quick little blog, is just a big thank you to the lovelies who created @WunnaFanPage. I love you greatly and appreciate your good work…wherever you are in the world.

If you’re a bit of a Wunna Fan and you fancy updates on my messy cocktailed mouth…with pictures, quotes and Wunna love, then please do follow @WunnaFanPage. They are adorable and worth every bit of the ‘click.’ The photos above  and below were actually created by them, (amazing i know) with Wunna quotes and all sorts. I think i want to get  blow up versions of them and plonk them around my house in their honour!

Take time to appreciate those who appreciate you.

Big big wigglies,

Chrissie W x (I’m blogging this after galloping out the shower and tanning. I’m now waiting for my tan to dry. Not fun when typing…especially when you’re trying not to print ‘orange’ on nice, dry, clean things. ffs)

If you want to join TeamWunna and are all a go-go and ready to adorn those stilettos with a strut. You may also ‘like‘ my Facebook Fan Page (look to your right)…check into this little blog daily, or ‘Follow’ me on Twitter @chrissiewunna

There you go, enough plugging done! (Ugh, i totally have no wine.)

ps/ I had properly passionate sexytime with Keiran today on the corner sofa and i’m talking animalistically, in love, yumminess. We have GREAT bedroom chemistry and it all began with a peeky from my boob. Yum! Yum! Yum! He was FIT!!!! When you’re in love…sex is so much more rewarding. Oh and thank you boobs for NEVER failing me. 😉

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