My Little red envelope…

Got in at 6am this morning, so i was a little fuzzy ooh laa, and needing to rest in order to regain some sort of sanity. At 4am this morning, i was wondering the streets, all alone getting followed by drunk men, and sober lesbians with pretty CUT marks on their arms…Don’t ask! I was actually a bit scared, and only because the Lesbos had flipping CUT marks…on their arms!! Bloody hell!! It was horrid, it was dark and i was lost too…haha, but that’s another story. I’ll save that shocker.

Anyway, i wake up, stumble down the stairs, hug and kiss the other ‘Wunna’s’…i’m lethargic, tired, and walking towards the mail…grumpily. I finger through a whole bunch of boring blah, blahs…then all of a sudden i see a little RED envelope!! I like little red envelopes, as it always means the message inside is personal, and not a bill. I suddenly JUMP for joy, wake up, throw all the other crap mail on the floor, (maybe i stomped on it a little) and race to open my special red envelope.

Inside.. was the most beautiful card, with the most beautiful words of love and the most beautiful tears came out of my little slanted eyes!! I cried!! It was so lovely. So yeah, made my day. See women are a lot simpler than you guys try to make out.. give them a card and they’ll shut up and stop nagging for 24hrs. It seems i got a little card from a BIG someone, far away, reminding me of how much they love me…aww….. ‘I got a love letter AND you didn’t…i totally ROCK!!’ So now i am as happy as can be, yet still very knackered. It couldn’t have come at a better time, and the sender of this card will me rewarded…threefold!!! Believe me!! However, i guess by then, i might be over the card thing, and will promptly need diamonds, in order to shut up and stop nagging!

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