My Little Letter of Lurve

Can’t really be arsed to do the whole story of what has happened over the last couple days, because once the ‘moment; is done it’s done, and i’m a forward moving gally, therefore the past is something to be pictured, filed under ‘good times’ and left for others to comment on. But here..i’ll skim it for you, without all the details. Who needs details when there’s cocktails, dildos, midgets and party poppers.

Went to Embassy, watched Chapter One (Boyband that Jonny’s in..even though their changing their name) they were good, nervous but good. Hoepfully a great future ahead of them. I got really trashed, with a gay on my arm, had a massive barney with Jonny outside the venue (it sucks cos everyone always sees us fight, yet they never see us ‘love’ each other)…He told me to ‘Fuck off’ and stormed off like a Diva. (Whatever much?) I got a taxi back to the hotel, cried myself to sleep, saw Simon from ‘Blue’ (lol) mid- cry, passed out in my bed, alone in earrings and didn’t call him due to sheer fucking pride. (Note to all girls: Do not ever call a boy if you’ve had an argument with them if THEY have made you feel bad. It is THEIR job to do the reconciling regardless. If they love you, they will always call. If they don’t then they are twats.) The only reason why i say that, is because we chicks are never any good at doing the ‘not calling’ thing are we?? We let them treat us badly then we’re on the blower 10mins later saying ‘Please love me.‘ I’m not like that anymore. Don’t do it. Stand your ground!! The older you get. The easier it gets! Trust me!

Anyway, morning comes, i’m determined to leave immediately, but as soon as i open my eyes, i’m woken by ‘the call’ from Jonny wanting to sort it all out. We didn’t. We argued. I cried again into a posh flannel, he felt guilty, and then after i had a latte, said my farewells to the May Fair staff, shook hands with the London Paper, met ‘Bentley’ the personal trainer, Jonny turned up at my hotel and we spent the day together walking the streets if London. We had the best time, and i think because no-one else was involved but us. Played around, had fun, went in shops, drank two bottles of wine, got thrown out of McDonalds, and All saints…then repeatedly assured ‘little boy jon’ who was now trashed, (and who i tried to leave at a bubble blowing stand) that i wasn’t going to buy him any fucking boots from Topman! (Lots more ‘putting out’ needs to happen before that.) He turns into a spoilt naggy ex-wife when drunk. Yet doesn’t know the rules…lol

It’s funny how a simple phone call can change everything. Pride is an awful thing. (On anyone but me.) If he didn’t call i would’ve been on a train the hour after, and probably never talked to him again. But he did, and instead we spent the best day ever together and resealed any damaged feelings. Makes all the difference. (Apart from the fact that he did tell me a very long version of his life story, when i wasn’t talking to him mid drunk stroll. Kill me!!)

Met loadsa people on the way. We got stared at a lot. Then we were found by beautiful gays on the streets, (after being camera phone followed by 2 little treats too scared to ask for a picture,) who wanted to go for a drink with us..since we were trying to find one, after 2 bottles of wine and ended up at ‘Ku Bar’ (one of my favourite haunts now.)

Drinking, merriment and ‘room working’ happened! We were just getting drunker and drunker, the gays were being Greatness, whilst bumping and grinding around us. At one point i had a badge on my boob reading ‘Penis Milkshake’ and opposite me was a boy with the words’ Fuck off’ on his.

Actually it was a bit odd, as all of a sudden there was a delicious troop of perfoming gays semi circled around us outside, boyband harmonzing to all kinds of Justin Timberlake songs, it was hilarious and they all kept trying to out do each other!! WE LOVED IT! I was trying to encourage them to cat fight and threatenning to push them all until they did. Then a guy with pink hair and a floral blue, satin suit came around, called me ‘Babs’ and gave us 10million packs of jelly beans. Like a tale of fairy fucked uppiddness. Amazing!!!

Missed my last train home, simply because i wasn’t ready to leave, didn’t think i would find a hotel in time, stayed at Jonnny’s. Cabbed it to Camden (where he lives) bought chips and kebabs (classy) and walked home under the stars, as he rambled on about him being Amy Winehouse or something?? (I roll my eyes.)

Spooned, watched each other sleep, i dreamt reality, he grinded his teeth all night,(issues much) and we slept under a smell of kebab and onions. Woke up the next morning feeling amazing. He walked me to my taxi, that i was taking to Kings Cross, we said our good byes (i hate good byes) and when i opened my ‘clutch’ (totally impractical but a definite must have) i found a folded A4 note, with ‘Chrissie‘ scribbled on top of it. ( I like these moments.)

I opened it up and read, as my taxi drove away. He had written me the sweetest little love letter. I enjoy a bit of old school romance. It made me fill up in the taxi and then the driver ruined my moment by demanding I read it to him! LOL. I guess a good way to my heart is raw expression. And writing raw expression is what i do. If you be me…i will love you. Lol.  Therefore well done him. Major points scored. He could suck off a drag queen right now and i’d still be like ‘aww… but he wrote the letter.’

It works boys… get scribbling

8 thoughts on “My Little Letter of Lurve”

  1. u sound like a perfect couple coz u both sound murders to be honest on u voz u are a sort it is lovable to me but im pleased u found someone who makes u happy but i aint gonna offer u the chance to adopt me cause it woulnt work

  2. Awww thankyou…it actually had nothing to do with me. I woke up one morning, and Wazza (who runs it all) had waved his magic penis wand and made it all ‘ooh laa.’


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