My Little Box of ‘Lurve’


I’ve just successfully made chicken. (Well done me.) I’ve dangled out of a window in order to ‘holla’ at the post lady, after being unable to open my front door. (There’s golf clubs in the way, that i just can’t move and well i’ve kinda lost the key, meaning the poor post lady, got the fright of her life, when she saw ME dangling out of the front bedroom window, asking her to sign for my parcel for me and whop it through the most box.) I’ve looked at the hideous kitchen generator and tried to move it even an inch. Impossible! I even had to call Keiran, in order to aid me through it. We’re friends again now, which is lucky since we’re getting hitched. I apologised. He completely understood. Then he loved me from a far, once more. All ladies who think they don’t need a man in their life are wrong. YOU TRY moving a fricking giant generator one single inch with kitten arms. It really is a man’s job! I remember there being this excellent service in Hollywood, that i used to use ALL THE TIME, where you can hire a ‘husband’ (so the slogan goes) and he comes along to do all the little handyman things that you as a hottie, with kitten arms, cannot possibly manage. He built me a cabinate and everything. Then left once the job was done…AND for a bargain price. I miss having ‘Army Keiran’ home and simply because i need his muscles to lift heavy things. I like a man that can tend to ‘men-like’ things. I mean, if you can’t build me wardrobes, lift a box or do the bins..then grow yourself a vagina and come play ‘hairdo’s’ with me in Wunna Land. We certainly play to our male/female roles. We’re both quite traditional in that sense.  Like i explained to him over the phone… It’s hard having him gone because i’m the one that’s used to going away and working all the time, everyday. Now the shoes on the other foot and i’m having to get used to being a ‘Real Housewife.’ Which plays to his ego and completely ruins my nails.

Anyway, i’ve run my errands, i’m waiting for Ruby to return from nursery, i’m excited for lunch and cocktails in Manchester tomorrow, (i’m filming) and i’m getting my wedding fever back on the boilio.

Okay, the picture above. I’ve been dying to write this blog for ages, because it was waaay back in January that this little bit of romance occured.

One lovely, late romantic evening…and it must’ve been during a time where Keiran had to go away for a weekend or something? I walked into the living room, after being told to stay away for a while, as he fumbled and pottered upstairs, with card, ribbon,  sticky tape and love. 20 minutes later, he had completed his act of ‘i adore you,’ then planted his little *surprise* in a tiny little living room hidy place, for me to come and find. I entered the room…he was happily sitting on the sofa and he asked me to go on a little baby treasure hunt to find the little gift, with his ‘you’re getting warmer…cold…cold…now warm’ commands.

Now, i’m really rubbish at looking for things because i’m not logical and like i told you before, i have a short concentration space. I peeked high. I peeked low. I peered being sofa’s. Rummaged through toy boxes. THEN i finally walked toward the patio door and edged away the little black curtain, in order to find a tiny white box, beautifully decorated and tied in gorgeous pink and lemon ribbons. I had NO IDEA, what was in the box. I just knew it was a treat because he was going away for a few days. However, alongside my little gify came a handwritten poem from my handsome hubby-to-be…written from the bottom of his very loving heart.

This is what the poem read: (Written on my Prada card & bowed in pink and lemon)

‘ To Christina,

This is a very special gift. That you can never see.

The reason why it’s special…it’s just from you from me.

Whenever you are lonely, or even feeling blue.

You only have to hold this gift and know i think of you.

You can never ever unwrap it, please leave the ribbon tied.

Just hold the box close to your heart, as it’s filled with love inside.

All my heart, Keiran (Mon 30th Jan 2012.)’

Once i read it, i slowly perched on the sofa next to him and I Princess cried, because i couldn’t believe how romantic it was and i couldn’t believe that a boy would actually go to the trouble of doing such an act of love. I was filled with immediate emotion and i’m hardly ever like that. It takes a jolly lot to impress. He looked and me and smiled with his eyes, as he cuddled me in his big strong arms. Awwww! I adore that i have the most romantic man ever and i love that he just does all this, out of the blue and purely out of heart.

I’ve kept the box by my bed every night since and well love is all about making those memories. Decades from now, i’ll be able to pick up that little box, and read through my poem, show my grandkids how romantic their grandaddy was…and have my heart fill up with love again.

To every girl, who only wishes to meet the man of her dreams, yet feels that they’ll never ever find him. You really truely will and when you are ready to whole heartedly take true love on. It’s important to judge a being on how they treat you and the people you care for and not by their colourful past. Keiran, said he would never settle down, or be in a relationship. In fact, he’s probably been really awful to women in the past. However, deep down he’s a boy who just wants to find his true love and he walked into me accidentally…and let his heart take over. We have been boyfriend/girlfriend from our very first date, fully committed and 5 weeks later engaged. We get married this August 12th and can’t wait to begin our own little family.

Have faith in Cupid and open your heart to love. I never bull-shitted Keiran from the beginning, regardless as to what he might of wanted at the time. (I hate it when people adjust their beliefs, in order to make another being love them.) I told him exactly what i wanted, without fear and what i was going to accept from a partner. I refused to sleep with him for weeks and told him that i wouldn’t bother engaging with a boy who was just there for a sexy fling. I can’t have a million sexy flings, if i wanted. It doesn’t make anything special. I looked at him from a across, when we had only just was first date and told him that i believed the only way to see if something works is to do it whole heartedly and we’d either sink or swim. He looked at me and said, ‘so am i officially off the market.’ I said ‘yes.’ He smiled with an internal giddiness..agreed and from that day on, we have been MADLY in love and inseparable. Don’t be afraid to say what you really want..a good man will love a woman for not selling herself short. 😉

To all the girls in the world…i hope you get your little box too.

All my love,

Chrissie Wunna x

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