My Little ‘Baby Blue.’


Woke up this morning in the bed of a boy, who i’m going to name ‘Baby Blue.’ I had an amazing time with him yesterday in Manchester and well it started off with steak, jack daniels and chips, then ended with us trailing in at some UnGodly hour, laughing our heads off due to the joy of booze, good times and great company, followed by me waking up in his bed half naked, after he accidently spooned me, (Yeah you did) then having to actually be sneaked out of his room, tiptoe down a flight of stairs, creep out the front door, so no-one could see or hear me, then side step up against the side of a wall, and carefully walk up a drive onto the street, like nothing had happened (Note: this is all at like 7.30am) walk into a shop, order a taxi to take me to the train station, and wait for it with him on a street corner, in last nights outfit, a cigarette and big pink sunglasses. He was in jogging bottoms and pretending he needed a morning stroll. We just looked at each other and pissed ourselves. I had no idea where I was? It was hilarious. I have loads of special stories with ‘Baby Blue.’ He means so much to me. I don’t think i had ever felt so terrifed that early in the morning!! (Hahaha..) It was a scary operation. Like i was literally sitting on his bed, hiding, shitting myself and waiting to be sneaked out.

Anyway so yeah, last night was spontaneously amazing. I love ‘fun times,’ when you don’t know when fun times are going to occur. We steaked at ‘The slug & Lettuce,’ had a really good time. He was happy and excited about life. I don’t normally see him like that, so i was secretly impressed. He’s completely changed, much much stronger and i’m getting to know him a great deal more. I’m liking it…a lot. Therefore i’m quite happy with ‘Baby Blue’ right now. He’s quite decent. But yeah we drank loads, paid the bill, went on a mission to trot around the streets of Manchester in the rain (which didn’t seem to bother us,) randomly ended up in Primark (ooh the Glamour..i LOVE Primark,) watched a store worker call himself a ‘BITCH,’ in a huffy puffy Primark moment of stress, found a cash machine and then he showed me where he went to college. I like seeing peoples history.

Luckily his old college is launched in the middle of an array of Gay bars…The night started. It got fun. All i remember is drinking, drinking, drinking, surfboard tables, chav’s with tags, (who called me ‘ballsy’ and said he needed to ‘give his head a wobble,’ for not being with me,) cross dressers, lesbians, lots of talk of my ‘rack,’ shots, dancing, laughter, good times  and then i happened to notice that ‘Baby Blue’ was trollied. Okay, I always KNOW when ‘Baby Blue’ is wasted and slipped into a ‘whoop-dee’ because he always wants to commit to stealing things!! (Lol.) You’d think he’d want to steal something little like a beer mat or a bottle opener…or i dunno whatever? NOPE…he wants to steal a massive fucking LAMP, to give to his MUM. (Hahaha.) It was a bit of a mission, (like we had to move a whole sofa) but with the aid of  ‘The Wunna’ and the dodging of a security camera…he stole the lamp and placed it in his Primark bag. He wanted to take the plasma tv. We’re both social people. We then forced others to hang out with us & be our friends.

We end up in this ’empty’ one place and by now ‘Baby Blue’ has decided he’s going to kareoke in EVERY place we venture in, even if there’s no kareoke…and that my darlings he did. (After trying to do a runner. I remember just looking out the window and all i could see were his little legs scampering down the street, all drunk with his lamp.) He didn’t get away. I sent a lesbian to go get him and return him to me. (Hahaha..) He was found just wondering around in a shop.

Then we moved onto this other bar, with poles, a stage, and hirley Bassey..again kareoke, and loadsa fun. I was trashed and bringing out the best in Me. Lol. I think some drag queen announced that i had ‘furry knickers’ on. ‘Baby Blue’ sang ‘My Girl’ & he loved it up there, in his limelight and he was actually good. Infact, yesterday was the most fun i have ever seen him. He was ‘JLs’ dancing and really out of control. I liked it. After his song he fell off the stage a little…We left, but only to find ourselves in another bar, all red and smokey, playing allsorts. He went to flirt with gays, and then the stealing got hardcore. OMG! He swiped about 4 glasses, with tea lights in, a whole bunch of other jiggery pokery, then as we walk out, some dude had left his jacket on the back of a chair…cos he wanted to go for a bit of a yeah with an ‘I’m having that..’ Baby Blue swiped it, and again put it in his Primark carrier. I think he was hoping there was a wallet in there too. He was clutching these new found goodies, with sheer excitment like it was treasure. You should’ve seen his face.

We get to the door…infront of the bouncer and (HAHAHAHAHA) well, (this is why Primark is not reliable) his carrier bag, that he didn’t notice already had a massive hole in the bottom, splits apart, everything falls out the bottom of it, and about ten hundred glasses that he stole smash all over the floor. Hahaha! It was awful. We were like gypo’s. And the fact that no-one really said anything and just shook their head in disappointment said it all really. I was pissing myself, crying with laughter and he was trying to look as innocent as possible. Everyone glared at us, like we were the scruffiest bastards they had ever seen. I LOVED IT! Lol… But we didn’t care, we just moved on to the next bar…which was amazing.

It’s like God really wanted us to have a fucking amazing time, he just kept placing good times infront of us. It was night, we were on a cobbled stone street, laughing our asses off and well he now had to openly carry his stolen goods in his cradled arms. He loved it. Went into next bar, God gave us a giant table to plonk all the goods on so we could continue tending to being foolishly amazing. ‘Baby Blue,’ then found a ladies scarf…he took it, then dropped his drink. Lots of kareoke was happenning, he was amazing. I felt really popular in that little bar. Lots of fun people, lots of wiggling around, lots of drunken banter, lots of very gay songs that we all love. He sang a million times. Then ruined my ‘pull.’ Like there was guy who was hottish but ended up being a far to cocky bastard for a 2o yr old…who was asking me out. ‘Baby Blue’ sees this… stops gyrating on these fat girls and decides to tamper with it. Lol. He does it by befriending them, and then making them not like me anymore. (Hahaha…or making me not like them anymore.) By the end of the night i was obssessed with ‘Baby Blue’ ( i was really happy) and literally yelling in the face of the new hot ‘pull’ and calling him the awfullest things, ( we both were) whilst some grandpa thought he had the right to try and feel me up because he had bought me a smirnoff ice. Lol.

At the end of the night, we were back on the cobbles, in the drizzle, yelling abuse at the hot ‘pull’ guy, who was now telling us London was shit and that he was a footballer. I don’t know what happened but i remember shouting that i hoped he got his face beat in on the way home?? Then i looked to my right, and all i saw was little ‘Baby Blue’ in a flat cap, now laiden with treasures that he stole. He too was yelling abuse, but was holding glasses, a jacket, a fucking LAMP and now wearing a ladies scarf! (hahah..) No wonder that hot pull guy thought we were weird.

We get into a taxi, we’ve missed our last trains by hours…the cabbie called ‘Ali’ was the biggest wanker to us, but probably because we were being wankers. I by now was looking after ‘Baby Blue’ and i was trashed myself. Then i sobered up for a second and really looked at him. He was so cute, all effing and blinding and calling people slags, all drunk and adorable, in his flat cap and ladies scarf.. with his lamp. I think it made me fall for him a little more…I love this guy. Our rapport shouldn’t by textbook work…but it does. Like it really does.

Anyhow, that’s how i ended up in his bed. Great fairytale right! Loong blog, i know. But totally worth it. I think i’m inspiring people to ‘Live’ and have fun.

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  1. cracking pic chrissie and it sounds like u had a proper night on the piss and had a right bubble i am pleased u are having fun treacle


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