My left boobie aches!!

Hello, my Darlings!! I know i haven’t been checking in as frequently as i should however, i have been busy taking my top off for fine earned pences, and for ofcourse, YOU…my lovely fans with penis’s!! Hurrah!! However, ofcourse, if you do not have a penis, please do feel free to enjoy my photos of sheer boobie delight…they like girls! Wouldn’t it be fun if you could suck up beer form a pint glass with your nipple?? (Random thought of the day…and yes therapy is calling.)

Anyway, i have been as busy as a bee, not that bees are busy as I, yet …whatever, i’ve been working a LOT, and i LOVE it!! Superstardom here i come. Infact, i am actually at work now, wearing rugged jeans, dogtags, and no bra. I think i’m supposed to be re-doing my hair, or something modelly like that… however emailing (because i’m not allowed to) has got the better of me. (Rebel yell, rebel yell.) But shit, my left boob hurts like hell for some reason?? It kills!! It aches!!! Like really really bad aches. Am i dying? I hope not, as that would suck! Anyhow, the dying will have to wait until after the shoot…right?? Lol…or i won’t get paid!! haha

I have just watched footage of me, prancing aorund in my undies, at a bar.. that is going up in ana all over a  club. Its good, but i look fat.  I have ralso just ead one chapter of a book called, ‘Paris Hilton,’ hahaha, (my edumacation rocks) AND i am the new proud owner of a baby pink blackberry. The guy that sold it to me, said he knew me from somewhere, (i’m getting it a lot lately from pretty much everyone and i likey) infact he told me his whole life story during a credit check, he then told me he had just broken up with his girlfriend of 4 years, after buying her a pair of boobs. I laughed, and told him, he  basically ‘bought them for some other guy to play with!!’ (hahaha) He blushed a little and began his, ‘i think i’m gonna ask Chrissie Wunna out’ spiel, (i can always tell, you men do a certain face, …it makes me very nervous) so although he was delightful, i snatched my pink phone and ran for the hills, or Starbucks…same difference!! I did actually also have a 10kg bag of basmati rice with me… was GREATNESS, well not really as it was ‘loser.’ I must have looked so ‘asian slut, with her ‘got to have’ ration of rice’ baggage. Wait that IS greatness!! Shit, my boob still hurts!! And i mean really fucking hurts!! How am i supposed to deal with the pain of a boob job, if i can’t even deal with the pain of my normal boobs??

Whatelse, oh, i’ll be on my merry way to LA in a couple months, well for summer, and just as i prepared my mind for it, i get a call back for a big audition, that would develop me further, and make me loadsa money, (no, its not dirty you pervs, it’s music for kids) if i get through, rehearsals begin August, which leaves my arse in Great Britain for  wee widdly bit.

I need a drink, and i am actually supposed to be working right now!! I love you. Infact, i think i need to make time for a coffee, and a little ‘fiddle in the middle,’ before the next round of camera flashes!! Va Voom bitche. Va VOOM!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your pain. It could be stress from all the work you are doing.

    As for your beautiful breasts, what size are you planning to go to?

    And old perv


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