My Five Hour Interview Exclusive

So whilst you spent the day winking at strangers, loving lost losers, baking in this unusual amount of June England sunshine or fiddling with your ‘privates.’ I spent the day in Salford, Manchester (Too many sizzle hot boys in Manchester by the way…Phoooawr,) doing a filmed interview with Martin Kay…which accidentally ended up being 5 hours long. It’s now a series! It was meant to be a snippet. It was also just meant to be about lame frilly subjects like modelling and ‘Paris.’ Yet after a glass of mineral ‘ wished it was wine’ water and a cigarette, i kind of began to randomly open up to Martin (like ya do) and started telling him all about the good old shit that i’ve gotten myself into over the merry years! Everything changed…and it became my BIG interview. (And i looked fat and frizzy all the way through it. Ugh! Figures!)

I guess, i just wanted to set the record straight and i’ve never done one of these ‘rant’ jobbies before. It’s my first exclusive ‘get to know the REAL me’ thing and to be honest i even shocked myself. I can’t believe half the stuff  i actually revealed. I mean i told Martin things that i’d only ever lied about, but now i guess it’s all coming out. (Which is a good thing.) It was almost like therapy. I’m pretty fond of hearing my own voice, so i got to hear it for five hours straight! Yippee! The room was really dark. I felt like a prisoner of war. But on the whole, i think it’s going ot be a brilliant way for people to get a little bit too personal with me. I did then remove my clothes and start tragically posing in my undies. It can’t be helped. I’m a beautifully delicious slut. (Raised all kinds of wrong.)

More importantly, how hot are the guys in Manchester!!! I mean OMG! I must have dribbled on at least 6 today and undressed them with my eyes. It must be the weather. I swear!! When the sun is out, the hotties come out to play and it is heaven. Lots of lusty glances we’re exchanged today in the Summer heat. Too bad i was so knackered. I’m kinda in the mood for some loving.

I feel a bit over worked, so instead of going down to London tomorrow afternoon, i’m going to rest and recover, then venture down on Wednesday. I haven’t had a break at all…but i’m lucky. Okay my eyes aren’t working anymore. i must go….

15 thoughts on “My Five Hour Interview Exclusive”

  1. You sound like me!!! That’s never a good thing, you know that!!!

    You’ll soon be phoning people up crying down the phone because you have to work the next day….

    You just wanted to get out of a lunch-date with me!!! HATER!


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