My End of The Bargain…

I’m completely getting into Damcing on Ice right now. Oh my gosh, little Keiron and Gary Lucy in pink, looking all ‘lovey dovey’ (please let me squeeze you) got me all kinds of going. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, last night. Then, (as some of you may know) i got so carried away with all this ‘celebs on ice’ jiggery pokery, that i found myself fake skating around my living room, in my socks, like i was some ice skating champion from the 80’s!! Oh lord. You do NOT even know! The sheer fact that i was gleefully perfoming every routine like my life depended on it…ON MY OWN, would be enough to call the doctors. (As in one for loonies and not one for boob jobs.) However NO, it was the almost desperate concentration on my face. I wasn’t even playing, i was the CHAMPION!! I fucking ice skated around my living room in socks! I’m meant to be one of the biggest  inspirations in Cyberland right now. People of the world read my life and feel empowered, strong, like they can take over the world. I fill them with a ‘Va Voom’ that makes them want to fullfill every life long dream and what am i doing? Yep, i’m stumbling around my living room, like i’m an ice dance champion, to cheesey love songs. What has this world come too? 😉 I do kinda love being Me. (But shhhh, don’t tell anyone.)

Anyway, life is good today. I’m still up north on my break. It’s Wazza’s birthday (my bestie bestie) so i wanna make sure i’m here for that. I mean, if i wasn’t here, i’d only be slagging it, with my boobs, diamonds and cocktails out, winking at darlings, around London town. (Wait? Why aren’t i there?? I really do need to get my priorities right!) I’m doing a lot of worky work today, in the form of phone meetings and trying to rid my mind of negatory ‘haze.’ I’m a positive girl, and pretty much at all times. I’m playful playful…but today i feel a bit half full. I think it’s because i need a shopping trip, sun and a deliciously giant caffeine fix. NOW GODDAMIT! (I always have a million people swanning around me, like ‘have a purpose’ busy bodies. I don’t know what they have to do, yet it looks important and it looks like it’s about Me? I very much like the ABOUT ME thing. However, what’s the point in being around me, if you’re not bringing me cups of tea, jewels, laughter and midgets that i can point at and *giggle* over?? Instead they thrust pictures of my body infront of me and say, ‘Is this pic the one you want to use for promotion or is it too slaggy?’ )

I had a baby convo with a friend today that’s trying to ‘heave ho’ his pretty self, back in the game of life, after a heart wrenching breakup… (OUCHY!) I’m an absorber and something i’m learning not to doo. I’m trying to be a great deal more ‘cut away’ from people now that seem depressed. I’m a rather affectionate girly and i get swept away with emotion, be it feist, love, lust, happiness, or anger…very easily. It’s skin to the wind baby…all the way, with me!

 I kinda looked at him and saw how sad he was whilst he uttered the words, ‘that was 3 years of my life.’ To be quite frankly honest, i don’t actually think 3 years of someones whole entire life, is much at all?? Really think about it. I mean people, including myself at times, we wallow in self pity and let things eat at our ‘being.’ We do this because we’re hurt. Yet what i’ve learnt is that  people should focus of the storng ‘march forward,’ rather than the pain of things. Why would you do that? It’s self destructive. I mean FEEL it, by all means feel it. You have too. We’re human. But it is kinda essential that a ‘Kitty kat’ concentrates on honing his or her ability to bounce back!! The more you exercise this ‘talent’ the more happily and untouchable you will be. You’ll be happy, love life, love others and when things go wrong, you’ll be able to laugh it off, and file it under ‘good times’ with a wink and a pout AND IN RECORD TIME!!! You can’t have a better tomorrow, if you’re thinking about yesterday bitches.

It’s not the amount of time you’ve spent with someone. It’s how you’ve spent that time! Three years of a life that could possibly be blessed with 94 more years, isn’t that long. I’ve had so many relationships, i’ve had one of 4 years, a bunch of 8 monthers, a 2 year, some that were 2 months, that meant more than anything and even a marriage of one year, that i hold as my dearest! Makes no difference. I enjoy my life, my story, my world. I love every person who i’ve been close to at some point. I cherish the memory happily. I don’t take anything for granted. I move forward and fast. (In killer heels and a ‘shimmie.’) I’m a Glamour Glamour Puss Puss, i love magic, ‘ooh laa’ and light and you too, should reach your manicured hand for that memo. Dark places ( although fun *wink pout-searches for panties* ) can limit your sight. As a child, i was always scared of the dark. Yet, i made it my friend and night time became my forte. I’m just here to bring light and a happy chaos into the world. I don’t know what i’m doing? But apparently i’m doing it well! 😉 Woohoo!

Anyway, i’m gonna have to make a cuppa tea, since my slaves won’t do it for Me. Oh and on the boy front, i heard on the grapevine…(and how we love the grapevine, it’s like a dirty wine stained version of chinese whispers) that the boy i just went on a date with, could actually live with someone he’s flipping dating! OMG!! I don’t know what’s true and whats not…so whatever, *hair toss.* Lovely! Lovely! It does kinda make sense now. But whatever… I’m confident.

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