My Diairies of a Glamour Puss/Playboy bunny party at BED! May 26th


Okay, so yesterday at 2pm, I tottered (code for: ‘Got Driven,’) to Bed nightclub in Leeds to meet the lovely Jamie Dorrington, with a giant side of Alex (who owns Bed), with Keiran by my side. As you ALL know, my upcoming book, ‘Diaires of a Glamour Puss’ is out NEXT MONTH and well in true Chrissie Wunna stylio (*wiggle-giggle*) i’m going to throw a HUGE book launch party…which (and due to me working alongside a team of boys) has turned into a ginormous Playboy bunny party! 🙂 Woohoo! I’m old now, but my inner *shimmie* really can’t help but adore a bit of bunny love.

I got to the club, to view the venue. I was greeted by Jamie, who had just returned from a celebrity ghost hunt. (Which i hear was literally terrifying.) Alex was busy on his phone and well Keiran and I were all excited for the shindig organizations, due to the fact that it’s going to be massive. I’ve never managed to get to Bed before yesterday, due to work and fulltime mummy duties, but there was ever a place for me to throw a ‘Diaires of a Glamour Puss/Playboy’ party…it sure as hell would be there. I’m impressed!

I was escorted around the club and immediately fell in love. I mean you just KNOW when somethings right. Be it a club, boys or pair of killer panties. But yeah It’s perfect, it’s fresh, it’s glamourous, kitty cat and diamond dripped bouji. I want my party to radiate a glitzy, cute sex appeal and well any place that actually has BEDs in it for clientelle to lounge and tipple, with a to die for VIP lounge (where my special guests will be tinkering), glamourous sunken booths, that will soon have giant jewelled mirrors surrounding them and the words ‘Morning Glory’ printed on know you in for a winner. I love it and well for me the clincher is really the fact that i adore the team that i’m working with!

Jamie has been ON IT from day one. I like him A LOT. If he puts his name or word to something, he does it and well Alex (the big daddio) is charming, professional and knows what he’s doing. I feel safe in their hands! We were all sat around the round table of ‘ooh laa’ discussing what kind of party we wanted, what props, what entertainment, the guestlist etc…and within 5 minutes of casual chitter-chatter the boys (Alex, Keiran and Jamie) had turned it into a Playboy party and ordered their Hefner pimp suits and pipes. Lol. I LOVE A PLAYBOY party, as i’m ever the bunny and ever one to adore a bit of wiggle wink in leotards and bobble tails. What better way to celebrate ‘Diairies of a Glamour Puss!’

Therefore i will tell you that the event, will be happening (and it’s a GIANT event) on saturday MAY 26th, 2012, at BED nightclub in Leeds, with a huge celeb guest list, personal VIPs, glamour, fun, playboy bunnies, red carpet walks, goodie bags and surprises. The event will be being filmed for the reality show i’m currently part of, my book will be on sale upstairs and the press are coming down for a little bit of a gander and a write up! Can’t WAIT! It is going to be the most glamourous and the biggest event in TOWN. AND i’ll be in boobs and bunny ears!!! I adore my life. (You can tell that boys have organized this event.) 10 minutes into the meeting, they were organizing a bunny photoshoot for me and the girls next week in order to promote the ‘hey-hey-party.’ HAHAH. I think each one of them will be there to zip us all up and monitor our behaviour. It’s a hard life for them. (I’m sure.) I mean we were even talking about having a girl in lingerie dancing in a giant cocktail glass outside the venue. (Which i LOVE!!) The boys lit up with excitement and boners and well all i could think of was the fact that she might be cold? (haha…only a girl would say that!)

It’s going to be so fun, i can’t wait to reunite with all my reality friends. I think Jamie has his actor friends coming from your favourite hit shows. I have bunnies. There may be a PA swung into to and well to keep the girls happy, they’ll be a gaggle of footballers and celebrity playboy types, who you all want a piece of.

I’m really excited and the event is open to the public and fans! I can’t actually believe how exciting this is all accidentally going to be. I want the place packed and i want it to reign from utter bunny/book launch glory. (You can preorder my book here.)


On a more personal note, i have a bit of a wounded soldier on my hands today. I’m working hard and Keiran is pretty much keeled over on the sofa after a regretful weekend of party party. We had a wonderful day yesterday and he ended it by treating me to a delicious romantic dinner at The Castle. We love ‘The Castle’ mucho and pretty much because the staff are sooo lovely to us! (It’s weird how the people we don’t know are highly supportive of us and the people we do, are not. Keiran got drilled over the weekend, due to a couple of his *yawn* friends needing to tell him the ‘dangers of dating Chrissie Wunna.’ I mean why bother? True friends are supportive and not ‘bitchy’ about people they don’t even know, or a relationship they’re not even part of. AND true friends, don’t decide to waste time being druggies, thinking that that’s a decent way forward, whilst trying to break up happy relationships, under the distinct banner of manipulation of ‘it’s only coz we care.’ Really?  I’m not the one that isn’t there for him, or owes him ‘never will pay back’ money. I’m the one that props him up when he feels down, loves with him, cares for him and actually is there for him when he needs me to be. He’s dying on a sofa right now….that’s what his friends created. Well done! Certainly know how to bring out the best in a being. I love him unconditionally, so that part doesn’t bother me. I’ll love him anyway regardless, we’re getting married. Yet the thing that’s not fair, is that today, the time he spends with me, will be instead given to the art of ‘feeling rough, due to party-party and tiredness,’ and not 100% enjoyed the way love should be and on  such a beautiful day. Plus, we have little baby Rubes and when you feel rough, it makes your natural sleepless ‘one year old’ nights a lot harder to deal with. *Ouchy.*

We almost decided to move away yesterday, due to all the unneccessary drama. But like we said over drinks yesterday  ‘Fuck what they think, ‘…we have the most wonderful fairytale alive and we love each other madly. Concentrate on your own fairytale, instead of trying edit ours. We are each others rock and well no-one can comment on how we love and simply because they don’t even see our relationship. We’re happy. I cuddled him and apologised with a little girl love, he apologised and told me he felt disappointed by his actions at the weekend. We’re a couple that can conquer anything…we’re headed toward a great future. Deal with it.

On a better note…one of the staff members at The Castle, saw us yesterday and with a smile, came up to us with a couple of shots, whilst we enjoyed a delicious steak and pasta dish and said, ‘I love you two. You have such an amazing lifestyle.’ We loved it because it’s great when someone looks in on our playful REAL moments and see us for who we are and what we represent….which is that gentle, fairytale love.

We’re filming at The Castle tomorrow for the tv show. Life is super exciting!

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