My Clothes Show Live Day 3



What can I say! The Clothes Show live this year is THE MOST AMAZING SHOW EVER and I’m not just saying it to ‘say it’…we all know that i’m far too McGlitzy Gobby to hold the truth behind reason and a whole lot of lip gloss. YET IT TRULY IS THE BEST SHOPPING I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN YEARS and I have shopped all over this merry disco ball of a world, every week, each weekend and since I was THREE! I KNOW GOOD PLACES TO SHOP and this place is not only of superior quality, but there are so many brands taking part this year, so many glamourously glitzy and creative new ways of experimenting with fashion, beauty, marketing and the art of ‘getting you all involved.’ There’s a BUZZ this year and I think it’s because as the times have moved along (and the show has always been great) it has evolved into the most delicious circus of shopping glamour and madness that I have every enjoyed to witness.

It’s flashing lights, drenched in glitter, swirled in music, dashed in sprinkles, swung with sequin drapes and wrapped in ooh laa this year and having been lucky enough to weave in and out of each and every stand all day every day I have not only never got bored but discovered something new around each and every corner. It is so magical that you literally get LOST in a swirl of new fashion and beauty. It’s so creative and well aside from the shopping, the quality of it and the sheer volume of amazing brands, THE ACTUAL FASHION SHOWS THEMSELVES ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!

I got to witness the giant Fashion Show in the Alcatel Onetouch Fashion Theatre and that was so magnificent it pretty much it measured up to Vegas! Who needs a weekend away! What happens in the Fashion theatre SHOULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

The movement, the models,the dancers, the creativity, the buzz, the clothes, the atmosphere itself is sophistication kissed over with a surreal whip of ‘yeah baby.’ I was shocked and mesmerized by it and having seen many a fashion show, that one took the biscuit and then ATE diamonds! (Plus, I’m on the big screen with my laugh at the beginning of i’m also biased. 🙂 ) Yet honestly, amazing show. The scale of it is tremendous and well there are quite a few familiar faces hitting the runway this year!

Other than that, I’ve discovered so many new brands that I now love. It’s introduced me to so much more and helped develope my choices in fashion. I mean I have NEVER BEEN A VINTAGE GIRL, but after having to run around the stand yesterday with famous vintage blogger ‘Lulutrixabelle’ (Queen of Vintage and glamourous tramp of old glamour with a new twist) I opened my eyes to a whole new world. I’d rock a faux fur, vintage sequinned mini skirt with pussycurl glasses and hat…even if it does smell a bit moth bally. I’d give it my own ‘jughe’ and wiggle it into cutest-wootsie, or as Lucy (‘lulutrixabelle’) would say…’make it Playboy.’ I like short boobied, commercial bits of innocence, that stand out with a ‘come and get me maybe.’ I can do Vintage Playboy. I had an absolute BLAST with Lucy yesterday, we ROCKED THAT ENTIRE JOINT and giggled our way through it. I mean ANYTIME a chick (who was sort of Paris Hilton- esque…we had the Nicole and Hilton type of relationship)..but yeah anytime a chick SELLS YOUR BODY FOR A CREAM FAUX FUR COAT, you know you must love her. HAHA. It was £55 and she needed a better bargain, the guy who owned the stall fancied my boobs so she gave them to him to fondle for free pretend fur and got the coat for £25 as I got molested…gleefully of course. It all happened so fast to laughter that I didn’t even know what hit me. 🙂 Before you know it, we were back at the Blogger bar getting ready to film her vintage ‘bargain hunt’ section with Clothes Show tv. (The good thing is that for part of our life we walked passed the most gorgeous, ‘only in pink speedos’ tanned, fully defined, male model…out of nowhere) when that happens in life, you remember how lucky you are. I think i shouted something yummy at him and he responded with a flirty smile, simply because he was 1cm away from me and well shouting didn’t need to occur. Lucy offered to ‘LICK HIM.’ Then we took out faux fur and tottered…


My feet still kill from running around yesterday in heels. Gina heels by the way and my Boobie dress my Jessica Wright ‘With love…Jessica’ (loved it.) When your feet kill from shopping you’ve done well because without you knowing you’ve toned your calves all at the same time. We even got spray tanned mid way!

(That guy at Fake Bake is fabulous and adores me. Whenever I pass, he wants to give me a Fake Bake spritz. I love it.)

I mean, talking of that ANY PLACE that you can get Fake Baked spritzed, whilst still shopping and have your teeth laser whitened whilst you’re waiting and for only £20 AND either indulge in a quick power massage mid-stall (honestly, there’s a stand called ‘The Pressure’ and if shopping has knackered you out, you can sit down and have a quick ‘rub down.’ It’s a racing car pit stop…but delicious…) or grab the most divine chocolate dipped strawberries from your nearest fondue stand…… is bliss. I tried one yesterday and it was so good I nearly slapped myself.

The show is amazing this year and i’m really gonna miss it. It’s ALIVE and I think everyone has worked so hard on it, be they the vendor, the PR, the organizers, Clothes Show tv, the celebs, the bloggers…everyone has put their heart into it that it’s become the best labour of glittery love EVER.

I’ve met some really great girls who hope to be professional bloggers when they’re older and it’s fabulous to see so much potential and just basic excitement.

I think everyone’s been really pleased with their day at The Clothes Show so far and well THE CELEBS..this year it has been JAMMED PACKED WITH THEM. I’m lucky enough to get to witness each and every one of them as they sit in the Clothes Show Tv studio, yet they have served their public WELL. They must literally be shattered because when you have a gzillion celebs all in one fashiony roof and teenage girls, it goes FRANTIC. I mean, fans have had the opportunity to hug their fave celeb in the flesh and talk to them in person. They have gone WILD. I’ve seen exhausted celebs rushing to the VIP lounge after 50 thousand photos have been taken and whilst they’re in a sweat and starving! Lol. The good thing is that there is also the Pap Pen meaning you can officially queue up for a piccy and time with your fave telly name.

Katie Price was there yesterday. Sam Callahan got mobbed. Union J were no doubt molested and Peter Andre was hiding in a corner somewhere.

You can see why a certain handful of celebs are so successful and it’s becaue they work so hard. I mean the Wright family (Mark, Jessica, Carole, Nanny Pat) they have been on their store EVERY DAY signing autographs, bringing in business…working the crowds. It’s a pure family operation with them and that’s what I love. They love hard and all muck in to help each family member. And the Made in Chelsea boys..they have stood on their stalls and signed EVERYTHING for everyone, one hundred times over, until security tells them to stop. They work hard for their brand and well they didn’t need to, but they did for that extra push. I’m noticing great work ethics. I mean Jamie Laing has been there all day, all week with Candy Kittens and has been working off his feet. He has been so kind to each fan and let each and every one of you have a piece of him. I mean, he’s managed to still do nightclub appearances back in London, all at the same time. God knows how? BY 9am he’s Tweeting ‘on my stall at The Clothes Show…Come say Hi’ and that’s back in Birmingham!!! CRAZY!

So, the people with great work ethics are those who become successful. Put in what you wish and the result you get will be determined by that effort.

Really great people. I’ve met some really great minds. I’ve witnessed a lot.

Yesterday I had so much fun and i needed fun because i had been reporting everything from day one nonstop and watching my reports on the big interactive screen.

I haven’t managed or found the time to even shop yet, so tomorrow when I go in and it WILL BE THE VERY LAST DAY OF THE SHOW. 🙂 (FYI, Tickets are still available on the door if you’re not doing anything tomorrow and want to go) I’m going otbe grabbing so Xmas gifts, so Wunna delights and giveaway bits!! Lucky you!

I’ve had a blast. I hope i get to do it again next year as it’s made my December delightful. What a way to end the year! I wish I could’ve taken Rubes though!!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my yesterday!! If you haven’t been you MUST MUST GO! My boobs took over the show yesterday. I forgot I had boobs and I certainly forgot how much everyone loves them. Even the ladies. I think I lost my mic down there a couple times and the odd human….In fact, they did so well they got sold for faux fur didn’t they!?!  A lot more ‘winks’ occurred because of boobs and gents tried to convince me that it was ‘my face’ that they loved. 🙂 Even taking my coat off in the morning was like a burlesque routine in itself.



I got invited back to LOTS  of hotel rooms.

But instead I went home to the man of my dreams…this lil’ fella..

He was certainly happy to see me 🙂 #babyjuniorrules



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