My Chimp Boobs and Lamb

Decided to stay in bed a little longer this morning, ignoring my alarm almost 3 times and simply because i wanted to feel a bare bum in my bed. Not my bare bum. I mean, i’ve felt mine a lot and yeah i’d score it a mighty 10. But when you wake up in the morning to your Loverboy and suddenly notice that during the process of ‘Dreamland’ he has managed to remove his boxers, without knowing why, leaving a bare, fleshy, yummy bit of bum. You kinda just want to snuggle up to it gleefully and never leave it’s side! I LOVE bums. Especially Pete’s bit of bare bum. (Hello half black boy.) I thought fuck it, let my alarm ‘beep’ to it’s hearts content. I laid in an extra hour longer, only giving me 14 minutes to get ready for work and i spent every moment of that hour rubbing his bum and cuddling it. Infact, i even asked him where the boxers went? He kind of mumbled, said nothing understandable and went with ‘i don’t know?’ (Always a solid option!) I love that i still have the floozy in me. Pregnancy hasn’t made me lose my ‘ooh laa.‘ I’m still a cheeky Glamour puss, with a *slap* of the naughty in her system. I thought i’d lost it. Yet luckily, the ‘sin’ in me always (unlike it’s owner) has a wonderful sense of direction. *Purr*(I then got ready for work and whilst i was smearing my face in ‘too light for me’ foundation, i managed to catch Loverboy completely nude, with nothing but a yellow ‘GO CAT’ kitten biscuit box infront of his googlies and as he was asking me if i wanted any ‘

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