My booty, Workmen and Moola


You know you still ‘goddit’ when two young, boy work men in neon and dark green, whistle at your bum as you walk by…and as they’re clutching wheelbarrows. 🙂 I know..the ultimate HEIGHT of glamour here in Pontefract. The poor sods are only used to seeing scarecrows, or Betty the butchers daughter…so a little whiz of Wunna, during the nursery run (yes, I was even sexy with two children attached to my ‘hips don’t lie’ and a scowl) seemed like a naked Christmas treat, in a see through stocking. They were acting like I was Pamela ‘big boobied’ Anderson, with nipple tassles on or something and well this is why boys are bizarre?? I mean,  why glare at me all the way down the nursery run walk way (which actually made me feel as though I was doing a catwalk) and glare at me like their pants might be having a bit of a shy McParty… THEN wait until i’ve dropped my children off..still say nothing to me, yet as soon as I turn around and I can no longer see them with my own little Asian eyes, then make a big old sex groan sound and whistle at my hiney. 🙂 My bums not bothered is it? My bum’s a bitch. Talk to the face. Not the booty. Boys are odd. I mean, how about a simple ‘Hey,’ or ‘Hi’…or even…nod?? But whatever, I took advantage of the moment and Ru Paul’ed my way back to my car with a strut…wink…kapow. Wheel barrowed workmen are not my thing, yet i’m always always flattered….even if the gents in question can’t seem to find any form of appropriate vocabulary to construct a brief sentence, or compliment that might make me like them a little more. That’s just not smart and i don’t enjoy people who can’t at least attempt to seize an opportunity, even if they’re not going to win in the end.

Talking in general now and not about the wheelbarrow boys. I don’t think guys ever try and build a friendship with me before trying to date me. They all sort of jump in head first, all boner or heart and want to snag the little glamour puss immediately, without really building up some kind of meaningful rapport with me, that may take a bit of time. A friendship, i believe the word is. I mean, i know that boys are often scared of being plonked in the friend zone, so they scurry to the finish line like a warrior of ‘’..yet in my mind, a friend or someone you know really well…provided you’re not related to them 😉 would be the perfect person to date. I don’t know whether boys just get excited over nothing, or if they want to rush me so it feels like a whirlwind, meaning that I don’t get time to think and if i don’t get time to think, i might like them anyhow and go with the feeling of ‘ooh laa.’ Or..well…i don’t know? Men often go with ‘oh she’s hot’ and forget that i’m funny, clever…affectionate…etc etc…and all that good stuff. (Trumpet blown.) It’s like they date me first and then want to get to know me later. I guess it doesn’t matter what order you do it in, as long as the ‘get to know me’ part does come at some point. I mean, I don’t mind jumping in head first, i do it all the time. Yet, it’d be nice to build or rebuild a friendship that turns into true love.

It’s been weird actually because i’ve noticed that boys have been bizarre around me…well no..they’ve been ‘shaking’ around me? SO WEIRD! I first noticed it with Handyman Mike. He was asking me a question, handing me something or other…and whilst he did the pass…his hand was all shakey and sweaty? The same happened with someone else weeks later.

Boys i don’t know and boys I do know a little…as well as boys that I know very very well. I’m not joking. I’ve made them literally shake with FEAR!! I have no clue why? But they’ve passed me things like they have Parkinson’s. Maybe they’re just pissed and i haven’t realized? But whatever… I’m not terrifying. Like I explained to a being yesterday, I’m about as scary as a doll, dipped in boobies. Don’t shake…in fact, don’t shake anything ;)…or i myself will be terrified.

(I’m currently getting a flashback of the children. They get on really well, but it always ends in fighting before bedtime. Last night they physically fought over jumbo lego. Ruby wouldn’t let Junior play with her pink blocks, yet insisted on playing with his blue blocks. Then she otped for winding him up immensely, which in the end made him lose his mind and start whacking her with a baby pink cuddly toy..but with aggression. It all ended in tears and well I was trying to stop it, but laughing. Lol. Ruby isn’t fair, yet is charming and well she wants what SHE wants and that is all. Yet if she’s getting hit by a baby or other child…she won’t hit them back or retaliate. Junior is happy go lucky and just wouldn’t ever bother winding you up, as he’s fair, giggly and sweet. Yet at the first sign of injustice he turn all violent and start caveman beating you, with a face that looks like he’s about to EXPLODE. It’s insane! NUTTY.)

Today has been another day of being SPENDY. UGH! I hate being spendy. But it’s happening, so i’m going with it. I have a 1pm meet up tomorrow, with a new friend and i’ve had day outted all day with Ruby today…who has actually been a delight…We played, shopped, lunched and she loved it. I’m exhausted though and I need a tan to make me feel better. There are not enough hours in the day and we’re already on Thursday of my two week break from work.

My phone has been nonstop today and well it’s been one of those awkward moment days, where you bump into people you didn’t expect, who really don’t enjoy you that much. 🙂

On the whole great banter has been had and it’s the banter that keeps you alive.

Love you all..

I’m off for a much needed drink.



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