Happy Valentines day everyone! I have no cards, no flowers, no love, no men serenading me with violins, no surprises, nod date, no choccies and yes…when you’re Princess Wunna…it sucks. I don’t even find it funny. 🙂 I mean, what is this world coming to when a girl can’t look on her doorstep and see roses. 🙂

Today, I have BOTH babies at home with me, 3 days after surgery, with my non-working, post surgery neck and simply because there was no-one available to take them to nursery. It’ll be fine, i’m sure because when you’re a Mama, and if I adore anything, I adore my role as a Mama (I also enjoy the label ‘Glamour puss’ and ‘Money Making Machine’…oh and maybe ‘Inspiration,’) you don’t have a choice when it comes to these moments. So yeah, it might be a little tricky, with a neck that can’t turn and a body that doesn’t work due to exhaustion and yeah the ‘winkles’ will probably try and run glitzy circles around me…YET whatever…i’m happy to be on the mend, have the joy of being a Mama…and in a couple weeks time I will be back to VA VOOM. I feel like the sexiest post surgery chick ever! 🙂

Last night was hilarious. My Mums having heart problems, so over the last few months it’s literally just been the babies and I, with not so much help. I’m a at Pro at it now and I like that, as my kids will always grow up thinking that I’m some kind of ‘Hero.’ I enjoy that title also. I mean, how many times do you hear children say, when they’re sat in their ‘when I’ve finally bought it’ mansion…saying, ‘My mum did this, all on her own, she struggled and raised us by herself. I love her.’ (Like I’m some kind of hero. When really women do it everyday!)

But yes, last night, I was on my own with both babies. Junior was fine. He passed out because his belly was filled with food, meaning that his little heart was completely content. He slept through the ENTIRE NIGHT without a murmur and woke up at 8.30am. He must of enjoyed the comfort of having me laid next to him. He hasn’t had it in days…That…and spag bol…made his dream land DIVINE.

Ruby however was  NIGHTMARE. Ruby is more balanced now when it comes to being a Mummy’s Girl/Daddy’s girl…yet last night she was a Daddy’s girl and for about an hour straight she SCREAMED OUT LOUD IN TEARS, for ‘DADDY’ until she couldn’t cream anymore. It didn’t work and filled Wunna land with madness. In the end she just said ‘sorry’ and gave in. It seems ‘Mummy’ ended up being an ‘okay’ end of the bargain. SEE! Consistency wins every time!

She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t eat, making my night a pleasure. When she finally retired to bed…I spent the night..with my dodgy neck…(lol..going from room to room ALL NIGHT in order to comfort her, which turned a little ouchy on Mama. My neck just got cut open. I’m sure it needs 2 weeks bed rest. But yes, no rest for the wicked. However, I’m not too alarmed, i’m the strongest kitty in town. I can do all of this AND run a business. (Yep, did a meeting this morning with American for the lash line.) I mean, if I’m not going to get any rest, or heal properly…then I might as well go all out and stick nipple tassles on it. I’m not the kinda chick to pity party if i’m in actual real pain…so i’m getting on wit it. (I hope my mums okay today…she’s in hospital with her heart.)

Anyway, all is well. I’m recovering…sort of! 🙂 Junior is now trying to attack my laptop, so it’s time to go methinks. I have a good daughter, naughty son today. Yippeee!

Love you lots. Stay positive. Stay happy. I  am simply because i know that in the end i WIN at life. I’ve always known that. Good things happen to truly good people. And when i say ‘good’ people, i mean the people who are good, even when no-one’s looking.

If things aren’t working out for you in life, look back, see where you may not have been decent or selfless of recent…deal with the karma…and make amends. Then your dreams’ll come true. Until then, you’ll always be stood at the starting block false starting.


Thank you for all my messages.


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