My Arms Work Now & I’m Knackered

Oh my gosh!!! My arms have only just recovered from repeatedly punching the air on Saturday, in the name of learning the Laban technique at YAFTA! (I need to work on my ‘punching.’ I had ‘flicking’ down to a fine art. I’m an actor now. It’s ace!) 

If you don’t know what the Laban technique is, you’re just gonna have to Google it, because I can’t be arsed to type it all out. Lol. But it’s based on physical movement and how it effects us (as humans) emotionally. 

It’s a technique that works wonders for me. It’s crazy how a specific movement can bring on and ignite a certain type of emotion. I used it before my scene and yeah I definitely looked bonkers pressing a wall, 2 minutes before the word  ‘Action’ was shouted. YET, it worked! I felt exactly the way I needed to feel. I was impressed. Lol. 

We also worked on sense memory. I’m emotionally open anyway. So I can find an emotional trigger very easily. I can’t sing though! I certainly proved that! 🙂 But I’m a story teller. I ain’t trying to be Mariah. I don’t wanna deliver a tale via song. 

However, yes…It’s official. I’m 100% old & 99 % unfit.


 I can’t even punch the air without pulling what feels like every single muscle in my entire upper body. Haha. It honestly felt like a workout. I couldn’t move the next day. 

I’m definitely sure it’s good for me & certainly sure that my body has never been exerted in such a manner before. I also should’ve worn a sports bra. Every time I punched, my bra straps would gracefully fall down. Under my jumper a whole different ‘technique’ was going on. Haha. 

Y’know, I’ve noticed that my upper body has spent it’s life being massaged, nurtured and photographed. Lol. Up until Saturday at around 11am, it had never properly ‘punched.’ I mean, it’d performed a ‘Yippee’ baby-like punch. But never anything scary, or aggressive. 

I’m wordy. Not ‘punchy.’

Let’s put it this way, fellow actor ‘Geordie Ben,’ made ‘punching’ look hardcore, dangerous and like Eminem HAD actually LOST himself, in his ‘Lose Yourself’ video. 

I looked like ‘H’ from Steps, performing ‘Agadoo.’

Monica: ‘He looked so Eastenders.’

Me: ‘They’d be like, why has a Geordie moved into the square. Lol’

Geordie Ben: ‘…and why is he repeatedly punching and singing Lose Yourself???’ 

(He does a voice like ‘casting,’ but still sounds really Geordie…)

‘…we haven’t even paid him. He’s just shown up and started punching, man.’

Haha. We just spent our breaks in hysterical fits of banter infused laughter. 

‘Where’s James?’

‘I hope I get to be on Downtown Abbey. Even if all I have to do is walk on and say, * Here’s your spoon, Madam.* Haha.’ 

‘Why do guys think Pandora is the answer to everything?’

‘Yeah. I’m that old. You don’t all have to form a semi circle around me and stare..’ 

‘Just so you know, I’m not here next week. I’m graduating. I haven’t left, before you all start.’

‘She’s left.’

‘Marketing need someone to film an interview. You do it. You’d be good at it Chrissie.

‘Everyone’s sick of me. I talk about it all the time, even without marketing. Lol. Watch me make coffee at YAFTA. Read my YAFTA blog. Hear my YAFTA story. Watch me punch at YAFTA. All about Me. YAFTA! At least they’ll know there’s other people here, if you do it.’

‘I bet James has long hair. SO long that it fell in front of his eyes and he couldn’t find his way to class.

‘Why am I sat here in a giant faux fur? I look like the cast of Dynasty.’

Class was great this Saturday because the ‘pleasantries’ had been thrown out the window. We no longer sat in a room quietly, like we were waiting for hospital results. We’d got to know each other a little better. The first week had already been done and dusted. The tension had lifted. We were all now in film & tv school. The journey had set sail…in Yorkshire. 

Y’know, I HAVE actually done a similar thing when in LA & I can 100% tell you that  the Leeds version is so much better. In LA it was ONLY about the ‘business’ of acting. No-one cared about the craft. Everyone just wanted to be famous, get in front of casting and win. 

At YAFTA, it’s ABOUT the craft, the art, the technique, the talent. You learn ever so much. You work really hard. You make solid friendships. You’re honed, nurtured and refined. This is what makes British actors great! 

At the same time, you’re mentored on the business of it all, as a side line and once ready, you’re placed In front of the ‘decision makers.’ (Casting.) The people who can turn your dreams into real life work, as you’re sent out by the school’s agency.

However, learning the craft and getting great at it, IS the core of it all. You can want something so much, but if you’re not good at what you do, or you don’t TRY to BE good at what you do…someone who IS will always get the role.

(Bare with me. I had late night Wagamamas yesterday. I’m shattered. I think the 4pm coffee I had, whilst discussing life and diets with Miss.Murphy, after glow worm cards & banter, kept me AWAKE! I’m now vegan and she’s now fasting! Lol. What have we become? I love my ‘Murphy Monday’s’ and so do the kids! It’s a treat! I’m actually always excited for them.) 

Luckily, I’ve managed to make it to Tuesday in one piece and I can now freely delight in the fact that my arms are able to move without aching. I bought shoes to celebrate my ‘working arms.’ 

Glitter pumps and platform trainers are the answer to all my life wishes. 

Once November hits, I’m stepping up my style game. Right now, I’m shuffling around like a troll. 

What a year! Thank GOD it’s nearly over! 

There’s lots going on, but I’m chilling. I’m getting out of my own way and just enjoying the good bits!

I don’t know what you’re up too, but whatever it is, be ace at it!!! 

I love you! 

Chrissie x

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