Much better Delores

Well I guess someone up above loves me, as for some reason, i retreated to the bathroom, for a decent few moments, rid myself of toxic waste, and i’m CURED!! Don’t know what happened? Don’t really need to know, either? But i feel right as rain, once more. So if this feeling of ‘wellness’ stays put, and it needs to, for a good few days, or til Sunday…then all my bedroom faces, will be for real, and not pretend! Hurrah!! Just so you know my darlings, whilst you are coming to your final hours of the work day…i have 16 more hours to go. Funny, cos i’m often labelled the ditzy girlie bitch, who does not much of anything, except applies a fair amount of lipgloss per minute (which is actually true, so i’ll give you that,) who hasn’t worked a single day in her life and gets lots of attention for pretty much no reason!! 16 hours more than you…. and loving every minute! Aww…lets rejoice in my honour!! hahaha!!

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