Moving on Up

So much has happened in the last sort of 2 days, that i wouldn’t even know where to begin. Yet i’m filed it all under ‘good times’ and i thank the lord for blessing my horrendous amount of ego.. with fans! Work is good! I’m really starting to love being ‘The Wunna.’ My life in England is changing and finally this time for the better. I think i can handle this shit afterall. ‘OOh laa’ baby! I feel strong right now.

Okay so i told you i was at Brtains Got Talent..where i met just so many amazing chicks, talked to mothers on phones, signed a few note pads, signs, posed and pouted with for pictures and gave them advice on ‘blagging’ stuff for free. (Great influence.) Lots of you girls we’re a bit shy around me…and for future reference…you don’t have to be. I’m the nicest person you’ll ever meet…provided you don’t piss me off! (lol) Oh  and i did it all hungover in the heat, because i had been Gay clubbing it the night before with my gay Adam and my boyband members. (My newest accessory, who needs the ‘louis clutch’) Loved the night. Love my gays!! I met so many of my facebook faces and you’re all the sexiest bitches of whores! Yeah baby!

Anyway after all that ‘hoo-harr’ i ended up ginning it, and then going out around London in sequins to Maya, Followed by Funky Buddha, Followed by Vendome. Great nights, free cocktails, hot boys in scarves pretending to be my boyfriend and lots of gossip. In fact a  bit too much. Got papped by sneaky parked vehicle when i was trashed…i need to stop being trashed and smoking. I’ve done so much in the last few days! I think i’m offically a legend. However i am aware that i am leading pure innocents astray. I’m like teaching people how to ‘live’ yet now they’re being naughtier than ‘The Wunna’ herself. I’m creating monsters! Made me wonder how people see me? God booty texted by Billi Bhatti! (Haha..He’ll hate me for saying that.)

Last night Jonny and I boozed at the hotel, hit a couple of bars in Hammersmith, in pink dresses and Flat caps…then ventured on into central londony to find us a ‘good time.’ We didn’t do much, but walk around the streets, make out, have a few drinks and not be allowed into GAY because we weren’t members. We held hands, had an argument, strolled through Soho, with the druggies, prostitutes and homeless people..went back to the hotel room (after realizing we didn’t have enough money for the cab we were in) and well the rest i can’t tell you about…and only because i’m needing to keep something for myself, as it seems a lot of people are quite interested in ‘nosing’ in my love life, then coming up with their own version of events. And plus, it’s quite personal. Anytime i’m laid naked in bed with a boy and conversing…it always means important shite must be going on, as talking is coming before sex.

But i will tell you that we naked spooned, in my hotel room bed with MJ playing in the background lol)  talked about the future, learnt a great deal more about each other, and well it was kinda our first moment of actually openning up to one another. We both have jolly old trust issues ( like i don’t really believe anything a man says to me, and well he finds it difficult to believe i might actually care about him)…so we’re breaking down the barriers one step at a time. I always remember that night. I love learning about people because people are always so highly mis-understood. I think i agreed to have a baby  at one point??? 

But anyhow, lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of deep meaningful moments. Then with a ‘ just because you said it at night doesn’t mean it doesn’t count in the morning’ he got on a tube back home and i trained it back to Yorkshire…which is where i am now for one day. It’s my baby brothers birthday today, so we all just did dinner. (Aww…) Wednesday i’m back in the Capital! Need some sleep. Love ya! x OH and i totally saw two guys dressed up as ‘Bananas in Pyjamas at like 10 am in hammersmith Tube station.’

20 thoughts on “Moving on Up”

  1. I did not make u DO anything. i was astonished at everyone elses jiggery pokery!! II’m getting th eblame for the break down of our world…and all i’m doing is having a fucking Latte at Starbucks!

  2. Oh so a wheelchair just APPEARED in our room did it?!
    And Rachel just HAPPENED to have a dyke security forcing her back for no reason did she?!


  3. hey chrissie…havent read ur blog in agess- sound’s like your having a blast as usual…keep it real! hugs xXx
    p.s. never trust a man 100%…it’s never safe to let the guard down lol 😛

  4. Hayley! Hey Sexual!! Nice to see u having a gander at my tragic life. You are so right…i’ve never trusted anything that comes out of a males mouth, as they rarely ever mean it..and can be the sneakiest little fuckers going… i’ve already let a bit of my guard down. Should i build it back up??

  5. 😀 it isn’t tragic at all… damn site more exxciting than most peoples!! anyways…. any MEN i ever get involved with have been the world biggest liers (think i just go for the typical “bad” guy tho). Did you finish that book yet?? Chrissies Life story 🙂 you must have half of it written on here by now!!

  6. Ok, I may have BORROWED the wheelchair… but if you re-watch the video – Adam cares about people!

    Until YOU brand me as a cocaine addict!!!

  7. Hayley- Haha…i’m good at smelling the boys out. I call it a ‘talent’ now. I get a lot of the ‘bullshit’ on a daily..its my favourite ( she rolls her eyes and fans herself)
    Yeah the book is currently being written and i’m actually finding it a lot harder than i thought i would LOL. It’s my Ultimate guide to being a Glamour Puss!! Hahaha…you know it! lol I’m the goodest of girls!

  8. …rise above it…don’t take no shit from Noone! Life is too short!! Can’t wait to read the antics….don’t leave any of the gory details out hehe…
    On that note I am off to the land of nod… goodnight chica!

  9. Chrissie – the wheelchair was stolen from ME… that wasn’t cocaine it was date-rape drugs… and yes I actually did sleep in your bed more than boyband jonny LOL I cant deny these allegations…

  10. It’s not a question of “need,” Adam. NEVER a question of merely “need” when it comes to Chrissie. It’s always what she WANTS. 🙂


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