Morning Tuesday!

Lemon shirted and grey pencil skirted right now, with grown men doing jazz hands, dressed as monkies on my telly for Ruby’s entertainment. Pete is in his boxers half awake and fully tripping over things. Oh? And now weirdly wishing I lezzed up with Barbie? (‘OMG, if Barbie had come to life when I was a kid for a show, i would’ve DIED with excitement Pete!/Why?…so you could be her girlfriend?’) No, Peter!!!! Innit funny how boys always think that any time girls are alone with each other, we feel each other up? Now, i have been to the Playboy mansion and even THERE the bunnies didn’t get up to any hanky panky. All they did was *giggle* and hula-hoop and with vodka under rainbows. Yes, i’ve done a lot worse than rainbow frollock, we all know that…especially the lovely boy from Burma who chose to display my privates on my Facebook wall over the weekend.  *Blocked.* Yet these days and after a whole lot of life, i can now giggle behind my hand, under rainbows, in lemon and grey pencil skirts and *wink.* Girls who *wink* have a history. A less clean past and dollies in my mind…that’s what makes us delicious. Oh and for the record, girls don’t wish that Barbie was their girlfriend and we don’t get kinky at slumber parties. All we do is wear sequins, bronzer, have wine and bitch about men. Well when we’re little.. we do ramble on about the boy we fancy, like our world depends on them. Yet when we’ve had our fair life experience of the opposite sex and we’ve figured out just how powerful we are… we just bitch about them and talk about shoes.

D’ya what!?! I think was actually a bit tipsy last night. Oopsie! 🙂 *Grabs dignity.* But now i’m in lemon and when you’re in lemon, you automatically look innocent. *Tries to think of innocent lemon wearers??* Pete who i can almost call ‘Loverboy’ once more, has just looked at me lovingly, with a smile that suggested everything was going to be alright. After the previous week, we’re still both eggshelling it and hoping that we won’t surrender to the dark side of past aggression. (Aww Ruby’s now crying because the singing monkies have now stopped and are waving ‘bye’ at her in an overly excited fashion. LOL. That’d creep me out too! I can’t handle mornings with the monkies. I need a ‘nursery team.’)

But anyway, as always this was just a quick morning blog before i go to work. I’ll report my good old feelings for you later. Yet for right the gym, i venture!


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