Morning Rinky Dink

Woke up to a Bollywood dancing Pete. We have a process during our morning time. It consists of eye opening, playing with Ruby, whilst pretending to eat her feet. Then I flounce off to groom and get ready for work, whilst Peter, sloowly wakes up and tends to our bambino. (He’s currently making jokes about how my slanty eyes have now rubbed off on him, because someone mistook him for being asian?)

Anyway, yeah…my ever lovely hero, decided that only was he going to make Ruby walk today…(she loves trying for some strange reason? Maybe because she’s already planning her escape root. 🙂 ) Yet he was also found not making me coffee and instead attempting to Bollywood dance with felt monkies in the living room? And NO not for Ruby, just for himself.

The great thing about Loverboy is that he’s now constantly perfomring mild acts of silliness in ordet o make me fake laugh. 🙂 I love it and simply because i’m a little puss of Glamour, who really can’t help but enjoy the art of silliness. *Pings bra at you-does ooh face.*

Now, yeah anyway, i’ve got to get to work. I apologize for this being brief….and not even frilly. I’m feeling sexier than ever and really really excited now about the book. This weekend, i’m gonna get it all sorted and hopefully by then I would’ve picked my perfect photos for editing! Above is from the promo shoot for the book. I know right…just call me M.I.L.F! *Wink-Pout*

Thankyou for following my life. Catch up later, when i’m a bit tipsy and back from work. x

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