Morning Pussycat

Well we’ve finally made it to the WEEEKEEEENNND!! Thank God!!! Don’t worry, i’m quite aware that it is actually Friday and I do have a whole day of work to get through, before the feathered, sequinned, rum drinking to the merry music of my life begins. (Mummy of the year much.) However, no decent person actually works hard on a Friday. It’s the day you fling on your office pinstripes, slip into those new leopard print heels and pretend to work as hard as possible, whenever your boss walks into the room. Then you get back to flirting, perfume spritzing and giggling about life, men and handbags with other Office Barbie’s, whilst your old pop favourites play on that Yorkshire radio.

I’m feeling wonderful today and probably because I was woekn up at 5.41am, by my tiny daughter, who wanted to talk to Me about her life. Lot’s of ‘goos,’ lots of ‘gaas’ followed by lots of giggles. Then we once again played ‘winking’ at each other (I actually love that game,) and as i accidentally fell back to sleep, she kicked my fake boobies like they were Burmese bongos, until I woke up. (Pete’s missing all this.)

I’m expecting today to be alright, which worries Me, because it’s like when you expect a night out to be tremendous and you end up bored with your alcopop, in a quiet pub, with a grandad.

Even though Pete text me last night at 23.34, wanting to talk. I kinda just glanced at my phone…thought…and rolled back over. No decent talking happens after 11pm. Like everyone keeps saying to Me, at some point i have to go back. But then why don’t I want to? I have a divine independant streaked and well now he’s kinda fucked himself over, as if i do mosey back this weekend (for Baby Ruby)…then i totter back with ULTIMATE POWER over him. A position it seems he’s used to having to surrender to. Maybe he likes it like that!

I love how i’m just in bed blogging, in frilly knickers, with my Mum singing songs in Burmese to Ruby on my left, who has a face like she’s mischieviously creeping somewhere wonderful.

I should pretty much get ready for work (aww…she just actually belly laughed) my lips are all chapped, my back needs a rub down and i actually feel quite flirty today fellas. Be warned…sons…key….lock.

Anyway, this bit of wordy genius, 🙂 was just a quickie. I do actually really have to go to work. My agent couldn’t talk to me last night because she had gone to dentist and would’ve sounded like she had a mouth full of marshmellows. I don’t know why i’m humoured by that? Lets all creep around today doing Ruby’s ‘up to mischief’ face. You only live once.

The winking game. They’re my toes. Notice i have to perform for her ‘standing’ DIVA much.

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