Morning All…I’m in The Capital

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Hi my sausage stabbing porky pies…it’s early, i’m curling my hair, GMTV is on my tv, with women who can’t have babies and i’m currently dancing to Ghostbusters!! Woo-hoo? Oh, why i hear you cry???? Because this floozey of an ‘ooh laa’ is AMMAAAAAZING, and sure as hell ain’t afraid of no ghost. LOl I’m aware i’m shit, but bare with me. My eyelashes are all falling off, well half falling off, which in my mind is a great deal worse than full falling. Look at what you couldda won! I have never heard OF it!

There’s this dude on tv, who apparently went to do a bungee jump, when he got to the top of the platformy thing, he stopped and asked his girlfriend to MARRY him. Not being funny or anything, but that’s not romantic to Me. Hahahah. It’s like ‘Here Chrissie. Will you marry Me? What? Yeah…?‘ (Then he throws himself off a great height with nothing but a rope attached to his ankle.) Doomed i tell ya! Doomed! I’ve never had someone propose to me properly…i’ve had about 11 of them, and all of them have been shit. Boys i meet just pretend they’re romantic, but when it comes down to it, they bottle it. I’m a romantic girl…but only when they are first. I’m not free with my romance and affection, until i know they are. Hahaha…issues much? God i look awful today!

Anyway, i’m getting ready and i’m on my way to London. I’m there for for 2 days and working Wednesday. Hopefully i’ll have a good trip this time, one where i don’t end up cut up over ‘jiggery pokery’ or that famous fuckery. Ooh i love saying ‘Fuck.’ I haven’t said it in ages. I really need to pack…therefore i do need to go. But i’ll catch up with you later.

I love you bitches. Come on Over… Purrr…. (Oh and if your one of my Wunnerettes, don’t hang out with Druggies!!!)

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