Morning :)

I woke this morning, to Junior ‘helicopter’ spinning a thick gold chain, around my face, at the actual speed of light, whilst in hysterical laughter. When the world suddenly came into focus, I noticed that the chain had a giant plastic fortune cookie attached to the end of it. Haha. How on earth he found a thick gold chain I don’t know? I get how he found a giant fortune cookie. I mean…this is Wunna land, after all. I’m surprised it wasn’t diamond encrusted. 😉

Then Ruby appeared out of nowhere, filled with excitement, with outstanding her head of curly fruwls and shoved a giant picture in my face. It was SO close to my face that I definitely couldn’t see and questioned if breathing was going to be an issue. Lol. Then she shouted, from 1cm away… ‘Mum, LOOK I’ve designed your new room. Your bed is a SWAN!!!!!!’

We’re a week into isolation, social distancing and all that jazz. You all know the score. The UK has gone into total ‘lock down’ and we’re no longer allowed to leave our homes unless we have a medical emergency, need a trip to go buy food or if you’re headed to work. (Like my Mum- who’s a Doctor and at 70 something is headed out to work, to help those in need. I hope you clapped for the NHS on Thursday evening. I’m really proud of my Mother’s spirit. She’s a real hero.I mean she even won the NHS Hero Award. I love her madly.) We’re also allowed to go out for exercise once a day. Yet when we’re taking these trips outside, we are to stand at least 2 metres away from one another.

Outside supermarkets, security have been placing humans on 2 metre distance markers into queues and only letting folk in a ‘few at a time.’ (I queued yesterday for juice, cucumbers and then I thought ‘fuck it I need wine.’ Everyone kept waving at me in the queue, whilst I stood on my marker. It was oddly great for my ego! I felt like Miss. World. Haha.

But yes…We are all self isolation at home. Ruby, Junior & I. Like I said, we’re about a week in and we’re loving it….even though the circumstances aren’t exactly ideal. We’re kinda having a blast!

I didn’t want to blog through the adjustment, as everyone’s a little more edgy, a bit more touchy and a wee bit disgruntled through a change, aren’t they? And I think it’s important for humans to find THEIR OWN footing through a big change.

I’m someone who deals with change really well because it’s just something that constantly happens throughout my life. Nothing can shock me. Nothing can shake me. It’s actually a part of my personality that I kinda do love. I love that BOTH my children are the same way because they’ve been through so much already.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ll have a worry, i’ll FEEL (I feel everything.) I’ll then get the ‘moan’ out the way and within a moment… I’m okay. (I’m naturally that way wired. However, you’ll also find that when you’re a parent, you tend to deal with things in a more mighty, yet loving ‘don’t at all worry-I got this’ fashion.’ That way your babies always feel safe, happy & inspired.

Right now…it’s not so bad! The suns out. The birds are chirping. Our world is filled with warmth, laughter and love. I’ve cooked the best meals and shocked myself…because we would ALWAYS eat out. We’ve been so creative. We’ve sang, drawn, danced and watched great actors. 😉 I’ve literally home schooled the children ALL WEEK. They’ve done full school days, AT HOME from 9am-3.30pm with Yours Truly. (Haha. Can you imagine!)

As I tweeted, I always had a huge respect for all teachers, yet NOW there’s WHOLE NEW LEVEL of love & admiration. Lol. So yes, thank you to all of the teachers, who have in ANY way inspired or educated my babies. It’s certainly enjoyable, but GOD it’s HARD WORK!!

I’ve worked really hard, so far this year. But right now I’m not concentrating on work at all. There’s no point. I’m taking it a day at a time because when we come out of this my work schedule is going to be BONKERS. Right before we went into isolation, I had not only filmed back to back films…but just booked another few. It’s going to be hectic.

What I’m doing is loving home life, with my little ones Ru & Ju. They couldn’t be happier and it’s made my soul glisten. (That could also be the wine. 🙂 )

Recently, I’ve worked so much, that this break, this time that we’re all having at the moment, without worry, just joy…is simply beautiful. It’s a time that I’m treasuring and choosing to live with my babies, who are my everything. We’re not struggling through it. We’re embracing it….and I hope you are too.

It’s kinda made everyone in the world just stop, adjust and simply ENJOY life for what it is! We can deal with the drama later….

In this time people around the world, will learn a lot about themselves, each other and their choices. They’ll realise what makes them happy or what doesn’t quite fill their world with love. Yet most of all, I noticed that something so terrible connected us ALL…as one. It reminded us that no-one is bigger or better than each anyone else and that ‘as one’ we’re united as a world. The big picture.

One week in.. I’m loving this time:.. Sit back. Enjoy it. Worry about nothing. Live.

All my love,

Chrissie x

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